Home Masks for Oily Skin

The owners of oily skin are lucky to some extent - the person is not prone to dehydration, early wrinkles and does not require regular use of moisturizers. But despite all the advantages of this type, very few people like shine and enlarged pores. Therefore, let us carefully consider the recipes for homemade masks for oily skin, which will not only help reduce sebum production, but also significantly improve the appearance of the face.

Homemade masks for oily skin - oily skin care

Causes of hyperactive sebaceous glands

Before you opt for one of the masks for oily skin, it would not hurt to deal with the factors affecting the excessive secretion of sebum. It is possible that by understanding the internal problems of the body, you can get rid of shine.

So, what can cause a strong sebum secretion?

  1. Hereditary factors. Pay attention to the faces of the parents. Even if one of them has enlarged pores and luster, then most likely it was passed on to you.Unfortunately, in this case, nothing fundamental can be done, it only remains to control the work of the sebaceous glands with the help of lotions and masks.
  2. Excess testosterone. Most often, it is caused by hormonal disruption occurring during adolescence or discontinuation of hormonal contraceptives.
  3. Incorrect food. This is especially true for people who overly eat fried, spicy, fatty, and fast carbohydrates.
  4. The use of alcohol-based cosmetics and frequent exfoliation peeling. Cleansing the face is, of course, good, but sometimes fanaticism leads to the opposite result.

Homemade masks for oily skin - oily skin care

Recipes best masks for oily skin

All mask recipes aimed at reducing sebum production are based on the effects of one or more components: acid, clay or starch. The acid in this case has the ability to regulate the production of fat, the clay has the same effect, but in addition to this it tightens the pores, starch tends to matte and absorb fat secretion. Other additional ingredients are responsible for nutrition, regeneration and skin tone.

Recipe 1.To make this mask, you need one sour apple and egg yolk. Apple should be peeled and grated, then stir with the yolk until smooth. Keep on face for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Homemade masks for oily skin - oily skin care

Recipe 2. To do this, purchase a black clay powder in a pharmacy. To prepare one mask, you need 2 tbsp. l. clay, 3 tbsp. l. water and a few drops of lemon juice. Keep the mask until it loses moisture.

Recipe 3. The composition of this mask includes 1 tbsp. l. honey, 1 tbsp. l. cranberry or lemon juice, gruel from one small potato. Ingredients should be mixed until homogeneous. Keep the composition on the face for at least 20 minutes, then wash with cold water.

Homemade masks for oily skin - oily skin care

These masks for oily skin is most successful among other recipes. Plus, for their preparation does not require much time, special conditions and special components. We wish you every day is getting better and better!

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