Horoscope for Leo for 2014

The entire forecast for Lviv for 2014 can be divided into three main stages.

The first stage: from January to early May

In January and February, Lions should not actively pursue their plans. It is better to calmly wait, as fate itself will put everything in its place. Towards the middle of spring, representatives of the sign can begin a stormy activity. At this time, Lviv will get everything exactly as they intended, and maybe even better. The only rule that should be adhered to during this period is constant planning of actions. Following this strategy, the Lions will achieve great success and they will be able to avoid mistakes.You should not risk the accumulated capital in the first two months of the year. Since March, Lions can plan large investments to increase the size of their assets.
In early March, Leos need to take care of their health. Many chronic diseases can be exacerbated. Pay attention to the prevention of colds, pass an examination by doctors. If during this period you wave your hand on your own health, problems with it will hinder you in the future. The beginning of May is another dangerous period threatening diseases.
April - the beginning of May will be marked by a series of technical problems. Suddenly a car, computer, telephone, etc. may break. To predict such turns will be impossible, you just need to quickly respond in case of breakage. Treat the surprises of such a plan philosophically and do not be discouraged, otherwise you will get a nervous strain.

Second phase

From the end of May to September, Lev should pay special attention to the professional sphere of life. In general, the situation does not promise special ups and downs, but you better follow the atmosphere in the workplace. You should not especially rely on colleagues, being engaged only in other areas of your life. Surrounding can intrigue. Otherwise, life will more than satisfy you.Friends and relatives will support in any situation, personal life at a height, as well as health, and financial spheres.

Third stage

The period from the end of September to the end of December will be a real fairy tale for Lviv. At work, everything will subside, colleagues will not tune up any intrigues, even the bosses, who constantly posed unbearable tasks, as if they would “fall asleep”. It is time to act and take risks.
Fate gives you a chance to achieve all the goals that you set for yourself all the previous time.But at the same time, Lions are not recommended to sit still and wait for everything to be fulfilled by itself. This is a period when you have to work a lot for yourself, but the result will exceed all expectations.

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