Hot jokes - fresh does not happen! Fly!

Hot jokes

Wait a second, what is it here with us? And this is our most juicy, brightest, most entertaining jokes brought up! Fly, people! How many? No, no, no, citizens, don't crowd, I can't let go of more than 9 in one hand! Well, why-why, the decree was given such, yeah, right on top ... Yes, you do not worry so much, well, in actual fact - but enough for everyone!

And who is this without a queue climbs? No, you do not feel our jokes, so you take it - then you can touch it and don’t sniff it, don’t you, who then, if they’re drowsy, take it?

Citizens, homo sapiens you or where? I speak to you in human language - it's enough for everyone, do not push and miss the person ahead - well, his turn has already reached. Yeah, you.

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