How can I clean the computer screen? And what means advise?

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Answered on November 28, 2014 13:42
Fu, I do not like when the monitor screen is stained. Movies are not pleasant to watch, and in general work is not ok. I clean myself with all sorts of alcohol wipes. They are usually sold in computer stores. In such boxes-tubes. There are some pennies, but enough for a long time. That's just need to take good. Otherwise, divorces will be difficult to advise, I take that cost a little more. And you can also clean with a microfiber cloth. Now they are easy to buy in stores. They can clean the screens on any equipment. Conveniently)) There is no smell of alcohol, stains, etc.
Sasha Novikova
Sasha Novikova
Answered on November 28, 2014 14:09
Yes, anyone in the computer store for the monitor buy - fit.

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