How can I find out the size of the ring?

Essentially what is ring size? It is nothing more than the diameter of a circle, which is a circle. And, as we all know, the diameter is the distance from one opposite point of the circle to the other.

If you ask such a question, then, most likely, you want to make your beloved happy with such a gift. But it doesn't matter if you are going to make an offer, or maybe you are buying wedding rings, or decided to make a gift in the form of a ring for an anniversary or the birth of a child, it is still a surprise, so to ask your size directly is not an option. So how to find out the size of the ring exactly, so that later you will not be disappointed in your own purchase?

Therefore, if you want to know your own ring size, it will be sufficient to arm yourself with a ruler and measure the distance from one edge of the ring to the other, which will tell you your size.

It turned out that the sizes of the rings have their own system, each size is different from the next by 0.5 millimeter, therefore the sizes of the rings are calculated as 15,15.5,16 and so on.

If you decide to get married and you need to purchase wedding rings, then, even knowing your finger size, it is better not to avoid fitting, but rather make them several, because depending on various conditions, the size of the finger changes slightly.

The easiest way, if you don’t know your size, is to come to the nearest jewelry store or salon, where you can easily measure your finger using special tools for determining the size of your finger, for example, “fingers”.

Valuable tips

  • It is best to choose a ring during the day, but not in the morning, since from the night the fingers may swell a little and all the “night” liquid will not have time to go out until the morning, which may lead to an inaccurate choice, but we all know how important it is to have a wedding ring. size.
  • Do not choose rings after sports, especially heavy lifting, during menstruation, and also when it's too hot or cold outside. Depending on the temperature of the air, the vessels on the fingers may expand or contract, which leads to a temporary change in the size of the finger.
  • It is advisable to carry out a “control” fitting of the ring so that it occurs in a calm state and at a normal temperature.

Of course, all these recommendations may seem trivial, but it’s better to stick with them if you don’t want to lose later or, on the contrary, it will become small for your finger.

By the way, one should take into account the fact that wide rings are usually bought for a floor size larger than your constant size. Usually, these are rings with a width of more than 8 millimeters, it is better for them to stock up on free space.

Also, do not forget that the fingers on the left and right hands are different, therefore, although it seems that they are the same, it is very difficult to determine visually.

Therefore, when choosing a ring for a particular finger, you need to know exactly its specific size. And again, do not forget that the ring should also pass through the joint on the finger, therefore, for this little thing it is necessary to give a small error.

"Home" ways

How do you know the size of the ring from a girl? This question, for sure, every man at least once in his life, but asked. After all, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I have to invent various ways to help myself in this situation.

Naturally, in all home methods there can be their own errors, therefore it is necessary to exonerate only yourself, resorting to such methods.

The first way is the most obvious and simple, you will have to feel like a “thief”. Just take one of your girlfriend’s favorite rings and go with him to the jewelry salon, where you can easily be helped by measuring the diameter of the ring you brought. There you will only have to choose a new one, and also return the ring you have taken until your girlfriend finds the loss.

The following method will help you avoid the “theft” of another's property, albeit temporary. It is necessary to do so - again, take your beloved's favorite ring, it is desirable that she wore it on the finger where the new ring will be put on. Just circle it on paper, or roll a piece of paper into a tube, insert it into the ring, distribute the paper so that it fits snugly around the contour. Now fix the paper so that you can bring this tube to the store, where you can easily be helped by your measurements.

Another way is to put your girl’s ring on your finger as deeply as possible, to remember or mark the place to which the ring on your finger could fall. When you come to the jewelry salon, pick up the ring with your finger so that it sits exactly at the same place where your girl's ring was.Or ask the jeweler to measure your finger in the place where you made the mark to determine the exact size.

For such a mission, a close friend of your girlfriend can come, especially if her fingers are like the fingers of your lover. But it is better to make sure that your friend will be able to keep your surprise in secret, without having been spilled a word ahead of time.

The next way is using a thread. It is desirable, that the thread was rather dense, cotton, the threads that are used for knitting napkins are ideal. Take the thread longer, about 50 cm, so that it is most convenient to measure. Wind the thread on the desired finger, preferably 5-6 windings, so that the width of all the rings of the thread is about 3-6 mm. Connect the ends of the thread with a cross or just mark the places where they crossed and unwind the thread.

Measure the obtained segment from point to point by dividing the obtained distance by 15.7 in millimeters. What you got is the size of your finger. If the size is 16.2 or 17.1, then it should be rounded up.

What else do you need to know?

Of course, all these "home" ways are good in their own way, but, as we said, you should be prepared for the fact that you still can not guess the right finger size of your lover.

But do not despair, in modern jewelry workshops have learned to resize jewelry.

Moreover, if the master is a professional, then there are no seams or other marks on the ring. The matter is complicated by pebbles, especially if they are drowned in the ringlet, as with a decrease or increase in size it will be necessary to re-strengthen them in the frame, but this is also fixable.

The only problem in this case is engraving on the ring, here it is most likely to be spoiled irrevocably.

Well, that's probably all.

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