How can I make a corner in the room?

Today's main trend in interior design is to ensure maximum functionality of the premises. Most of this is true for small apartments, where it is necessary that literally every centimeter carried a favor. When self-design home dwelling often forget to use the corners, that "steals" a lot of useful space and leaves a sense of incompleteness of the decor. Therefore, if you have an empty corner in the room, be sure to think about how best to use it.

The best options for filling the corner spaces

There are many ideas that allow you to turn an ordinary corner into a functionally useful zone or a main decorative accent. The choice of "filling" is determined not only by the personal preferences of the owner, but by the direct purpose of the premises. What looks beautiful in the hallway or bathroom is unlikely to be appropriate to look in the living room.

So, we suggest to take note of the most interesting ideas for decorating the corner zones.

Kitchen Area

This option is well known to the older generation, because once every inhabitant of the former Soviet Union literally dreamed about this “miracle”. Today, this furniture will surprise no one, but it still successfully saves the space of small kitchens.

To improve the result, supplement the room with a corner sideboard, and you can safely invite guests to the party: there is enough space for everyone.

Corner shelves, cabinets and racks

This is the best option to accommodate many things.

Fans of paper books, which almost do not remain among the youth, will easily place on the shelves the entire library.

Ladies will be able to place in a closet all the vast wardrobe and home textiles.

The children will be happy to arrange toys on the shelves so that at any time it is easy to find the right one.

Open shelving will be a stylish solution for placing souvenirs, cute crafts and photos. By the way, today racks of old chrome or wooden stairs are very popular. Therefore, with a little skill, you can easily make yourself this stylish thing.

Relaxation area

An empty corner can easily be turned into a full recreation area.For this it is enough to arrange the space with a corner sofa or an armchair. Conservators can be advised rocking chair or modular furniture, but young people will like ordinary floor cushions or a bag chair.

Take care of an additional light source in the form of a wall lamp and enjoy reading and relaxation.

In the nursery you can hang a canopy in a corner, scattering pillows on the floor. Which of the children will refuse personal "secret" shelter?

Musical and television equipment

It’s hard to imagine a vacation without home entertainment equipment.

Thanks to specially designed curbstones and brackets, today you can easily place a television panel, a stereo system or a home theater in the corner. This will allow to win additional space and increase visibility due to the possibility to put a large plasma diagonal in the far corner.


If you only dream of peace, and you prefer to rest mainly in the bedroom, it will be appropriate to turn an empty corner space into a working area. This option will undoubtedly appeal to freelancers working at home.Yes, and schoolchildren, and the student does not hurt to have a permanent place to study.

To create an "office", purchase a corner table, complete it with racks and computer equipment, and place a comfortable chair. If you want to "lighten" the space, give preference to light and white furniture sets.

Next is your imagination: stationery, necessary literature, handicraft trays, in general, everything you need for creative and working activities.

Small table

It's a good idea of ​​practical and discreet use of corners. An elegant table placed in the bedroom can be a toilet that every woman will appreciate.

The coffee table will perfectly fit into the interior of the hall, allowing you to conveniently drink a cup of coffee and look through the magazine.


By placing a mirror-book in the corner, you will visually “push apart” the room and get an excellent piece of interior for a review of your appearance from all sides. The most rational for use in the bathroom, hallway or bedroom.


There is hardly a person who, in boring winter evenings, does not dream of a warm fireplace.Fortunately, the current technologies make it possible to install an electronic "center" not only in a country villa, but also in a standard apartment.

The design of the fireplace on the central wall is the main focus, requiring a competent design approach. But its corner placement is less binding and affordable. In addition, there is an additional surface to accommodate numerous souvenirs.

Art objects and flower arrangements

You can decorate any corner with the help of various sculptures, vases, paintings, tree pots and flower panels. The main thing is to choose them taking into account the overall style of the room.

Check out the commercially available corner photo frames. They look very unusual, introducing a note of freshness into the interior.

Decorative stickers

If you do not need to benefit from the corner zone, you should think about using special decorative stickers. They are very easy to use and in just a few minutes they can turn a boring wall into a work of art with flowering trees, singing birds or abstract compositions.

Aquarium, waterfall and other beauty

Placing the “reservoir” for fish is not only a stylish solution, but also a real way to relax after a hard day’s work. The aquarium of a special form can easily fit into a given place. It only remains to buy a couple of additional lamps that will give the room a mysterious glow.

Ideas from the same series - Alpine slide, fountain, bonsai or waterfall, thanks to which the house will be filled with life and air.

Floor lamp

Often, an ordinary floor lamp of unusual design can eliminate the feeling of emptiness. Its lighting will add to the comfort of the room and allow you to easily switch to the "romance" mode, in which bright ceiling light is contraindicated.

Pet house

It is no secret that our pets are full members of the family. Therefore, few of the owners manage to observe the severity, "evicting" their bed in the corridor.

An excellent solution would be a "house", located in the corner of the room. Here the animal can feel safe, being in a happy neighborhood with his beloved master.

To turn the corner into a functionally useful zone or a bright decorative element is not at all difficult.Suffice it to show a little imagination and make a little effort to select the necessary "filling".

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