How can you feel the fruit

Every person, even if not yet born, is an individual. Some children are too active, while others are quiet. In any case, fetal movements depend on the rhythm of the life of the mother. If she moves all day, the child calms down and the woman may not notice the jolts and kicks. Therefore, in order to feel the baby, you should change the style of your life, and then there will be more happy moments of communication with the baby.
Fetal movements are most active at night, during sleep. Calm position of the mother, her rested body and a burst of energy can activate the baby. Therefore, it is enough to turn off the TV, the light and stay in peace and quiet. You'll see, the baby will immediately begin activities in the form of somersaults.
If you haven't felt your baby for some time and are starting to worry, try to eat something nutritious. The child becomes active as a result of rising levels of sugar (glucose) in the mother's blood after eating.
Talk to the baby, gently stroking the belly. Experts say that the baby, being in the mother's belly, recognizes her voice. As soon as he hears his native timbre, he immediately begins to move. So speak aloud more often.
Sometimes the child begins to move actively if the music is loud. By the nature of the movements, the mother can catch whether the crumbs like her composition or not.
Feel the fruit can be, making an hour walk in the fresh air. A new portion of oxygen will fall to the child, thereby causing a desire to get smoked.
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Do not worry if you can not always feel the fruit. Perhaps at the moment when you want to feel it, it sleeps sweetly. A little later, the baby will definitely let you know that everything is fine with him.

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