How do companies in different countries stimulate their employees to work?

The success of the company depends on the performance of its employees. The manager must be able to convince the client to make a deal, the seller - sell well, the designer - to create, the accountant - to count. How do companies increase employee motivation?

Contributions to pension savings and loans for clothing

Many of the rewards are standard, for example - bonuses, albeit nice, but when you really deserve them, this can not be called an additional encouragement, especially since in the device you were promised bonuses in case of your successful activity.

There are many examples of really non-standard incentives, for example, the company Boston Consulting Group each year transfers to the retirement account of its employees an amount of 15% of their wages. This is a significant investment that increases future retirement.

Qualcomm (telecom operator) every week organizes a farmers market in the yard of the office so that each employee can buy fresh produce. It seems a trifle - but very nice, this approach helps to dilute the gray office days, make the day more vivid.

Note that in whatever city you live, there is good work everywhere Almaty, Novosibirsk, Moscow - the main thing is to take time to find it. And if you want to work in one of the companies that value their cadres - look, there are really a lot of vacancies in the labor market.

Umpqua bank gives its employees interest-free loans to purchase business-style clothing. Yes, on the one hand, the bank solves its problem - so that its staff observe the dress code and look beautiful and solid; But on the other hand, do many companies shift these questions to themselves?

Leave a year long and 20% of free time at work

The employees of the design agency Sagmeister & Walsh are just lucky, they have the opportunity to go on annual leave every seven years! For many domestic companies, this approach is simply nonsense, but the head of the agency believes that a person should have a good rest after a long career, this will help him refresh many views, find new approaches.

Interesting, there is such an attractive work in our country. Electrostal, of course, is a city with a large choice of vacancies, but it’s difficult to expect to find an offer with similar conditions. But we note that not everyone is ready to rest for so long. After all, a long vacation is also tiring.

And the last example is Google’s legendary program, which is known as “20% of working time”. The bottom line is that an IT corporation employee can spend a quarter of his work time on projects that are not his responsibility. It is interesting that within the framework of this program Gmail mail was invented.

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