How did the moon appear?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 25, 2013
How did the moon appear?

The moon - a satellite of the Earth, which from time immemorial accompanies the Earth. Legends were made about the origin of the moon. There are many theories that describe the origin of this earth satellite. Some of them are fantastic, and some have scientific ground. But, unfortunately, a single and accurate theory of the origin of the moon, with which all scientists would agree, does not exist.

Different theories of the appearance of the moon

Darwin's Theory

The very first scientific theory, which tells about how the moon appeared, was presented by Charles Darwin in 1879. The scientist believed that the Earth, exactly like the Moon, once consisted of a liquid mass, which continuously rotated, gradually cooling down. The decrease in temperature made the mass rotate even more. All this lasted until all this mass was torn apart into two parts, from which then the Earth and the Moon were formed.

Capture Theory

According to this theory, the moon was once a separate planet that was part of the solar system.Passing close to our planet, the Earth "captured" the moon in captivity, knocking down from its orbit.

Theory of collision with the cosmic body

According to this theory, during the period of its formation the Earth was so hot that even rocks were lava. At the same time, there was a small planet not far from the Earth, which soon collided with the Earth. As a result of the resulting explosion from the mass of the Earth there was a release of lava. A mixture of lava and the cosmic body remained in the atmosphere and with time the Moon formed from it, which then cooled down and began to rotate around the Earth.

Condensation Theory

This theory states that there was a condensing nebula. Under the action of condensation, dust particles were attracted to a single whole. Formation of the Moon and the Earth occurred simultaneously, but at the same time, each of them was formed separately from the other. This theory explains how the moon appeared, has many opponents. The fact is that in the presence of a condensing nebula dust particles colliding with each other will not be attracted, but repelled, moreover, the collision will lead to the fact that the particles will begin to disintegrate into even smaller ones.This contradiction in the dust and dust destroys this theory.

Theory of the Double Planet

According to this theory, the formation of the moon, like the earth, originated from a cloud consisting of dust and gas. Presumably, the Earth began to form first, which explains its large size in comparison with the Moon, as well as the presence of the atmosphere. Scientists consider this theory to be the most probable and plausible, and it is precisely this theory that is taken as the basis for describing how the Moon appeared, since it explains the presence of the same composition in the Earth and in its satellite.

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