How does cervical erosion differ from dysplasia?

What is the difference between erosion and cervical dysplasia

The true cervical erosion that occurs in infectious and inflammatory diseases of the cervical canal and cervical injuries, and pseudo-erosion, when the surface of the damaged part of the cervix is ​​delayed by atypical epithelium, differs.
At a late stage of development of pseudo-erosion, cervical dysplasia develops - a condition in which mucosal cells lose their structure. In this case, the likelihood of developing cervical cancer. The formation of a malignant tumor can take a long time, but the probability of its development in this case increases proportionally.

The reasons for the development of true erosion

In most cases, the cause of true erosion is the earlier onset of sexual activity, when the mucous membrane of the cervix is ​​not ready for it because of its immaturity.Hormonal background in young girls is still unstable, which can also be the cause of erosion. The situation is aggravated by the addition of genital infections, especially herpes viruses and human papillomas.
This contributes to the frequent change of sexual partners, because it increases the risk of transmission of genital infections, besides the sperm of different men is differently perceived by the woman's body, which together has a strong carcinogenic effect on the cervical mucosa.
Often the cause of true erosion can be improper use of hygienic tampons - with a long stay in the vagina, they cause serious bacterial infections.
Sometimes the cause of true erosion can serve as a means of barrier contraception and frequent syringing disinfectant solutions. Smoking and drinking can also cause true cervical erosion.

Development and treatment of pseudo and dysplasia

When true erosion is reborn into pseudo-erosion, the flat and multi-layered cylindrical epithelium is replaced by a single-layered, uncharacteristic for this part of the mucosa, epithelium.With the growth of pseudo-erosion, these formations can form extensive areas and cover the entire vaginal part of the cervix. This is called dysplasia.
Depending on the severity of the process, the risk of developing a malignant tumor increases. To avoid this, women should be examined by a gynecologist at least once a year, and, if necessary, undergo the necessary procedures for the treatment of such damaged areas. Cryodestruction (exposure to liquid nitrogen) is used to treat erosions and dysplasias, laser treatment, electrocoagulation. The result of treatment in most cases is positive, the woman is fully recovering. It is necessary that at the same time she was undergoing a course of medical treatment for the underlying disease, which was the root cause of true erosion.
A woman must also give up bad habits, undergo a course of hormone therapy, use multivitamins to increase natural immunity. Self-treatment in such cases is unacceptable, in all cases, you must first consult a gynecologist.

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