How does rehabilitation take place after a circular face lift

A circular facelift is a kind of plastic surgery aimed at restoring the lost elasticity of the skin, removing its sagging, wrinkles, folds in the nasolabial area and a number of signs of skin aging by removing excess fat cells, tightening the corresponding muscles, and redistributing the skin neck and face with the excision of its excesses. Particular attention should be paid to information on the link, about rehabilitation after a circular face-lift.

Causes of skin wilting

Age changes of all soft facial tissues are inevitable. They are part of the overall biological processes of each organism laid down by nature and are largely caused by both a decrease in the supporting structures of collagen in the tissues and the influence of gravitational forces.

As a result, the tissues sag down - the cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, furrows form and deepen in the infraorbital and nasolabial areas.The neck is also subject to change: its skin becomes wrinkled, flabby, and the neck-chin angle is erased. Accelerate the aging process of soft facial tissue, bad habits, various somatic diseases and the harmful effects of the environment. By the fortieth anniversary, to preserve the natural beauty, youth and freshness of the face, professional cosmetic care is no longer enough.

The rehabilitation process after a circular brace

Local anesthetics, administered before the operation, cease to act after a couple of hours after the end, due to which there may appear a feeling of tightness of the skin and minor pain sensations. A gentle painkiller will help. A day later, many patients refuse it. However, clients with a low pain threshold should not tolerate pain, it is better to drink painkillers prescribed by a plastic surgeon for several days. Usually, after surgery, edemas appear that gradually disappear over three days.

The client spends in the clinic on average one day after the plasty. Then they change the bandage, bandage and release home. Finally remove the bandage can be three days after the operation.You should not worry about the scars. As time passes, they will become invisible. It is necessary to consciously prepare for the fact that in the first weeks there will be a feeling of heaviness and constraint. Bruises and swelling can not be avoided. The reflection in the mirror is not particularly happy, but everything will soon pass. In the meantime, psychological help from relatives and the actual plastic surgeon will help. Rehabilitation after a circular face-lift without discomfort is impossible. To speed up the recovery process, you will need to follow simple rules, such as:

  1. Exclude a month of exercise, weight lifting, sex life, in order to avoid an increase in blood pressure.
  2. Do not take aspirin for two weeks after the plastic. It dilutes the blood, slowing down the process of clotting.
  3. You need to forget about alcohol.
  4. You should avoid the solarium, sauna, hot bath and stay in the sun for two months.

And most importantly - strictly follow the doctor's instructions and exclude any kind of self-treatment.

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