How does the BEM III eye massager work?

Development of modern technologies in the field of recovery does not stand still: high-tech innovations of medical devices appear daily, suitable for independent use in everyday life. These devices include specialeye massagers. Therapeutic effectthey are produced not only on the eye, but also on the eyelids, the skin around the eyes and its special acupuncture points, thereby achieving the maximum therapeutic and relaxing effect.

Currently, consumers have the greatest demand for the universal massager for eyes "BEM 3". A distinctive feature of it is that it is capable of simultaneously providing thermal, compression and vibration effects on the eyes and the skin around them. Due to this, all metabolic processes in the skin are significantly improved and edemas, “bags” under the eyes, “bruises”, “asterisks” of burst blood vessels disappear, small facial wrinkles are smoothed out and the skin as a whole acquires elasticity and healthy appearance.Thermal and compression effects also help improve blood circulation, which helps to get rid of sudden headache (caused by narrowing of blood vessels under the influence of various factors) and strengthen the supply of arterial blood to the eyeball (which allows the eyes to get more nutrients and oxygen).

The BEM 3 devices are the best massage glasses for eyes in own way. Their use allows you to do work at the computer, reading and watching TV shows are not so tiring for the eyes and to prevent the development of such diseases as nearsightedness, increased intracranial pressure, migraine, hyperopia, insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome. The principle of their work is very simple. These glasses massage machines have a complex effect on the acupuncture points located around the eyes and responsible for the activation of the internal healing powers of the human body. The impact is made by special massage pads located on the inside of the glasses. These pads have a compression action when inflated and deflated in a certain rhythm (set by the program from the control panel),and also vibrate due to the action of microscopic electric motors mounted in the eye massagers. The thermal effect of the impact is achieved by the work of flexible infrared heaters, also located in the "rim" of the massage glasses "BEM 3".

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