What is useful hawthorn?

Elena Alekseeva
Elena Alekseeva
October 20, 2014
What is useful hawthorn?

Hawthorn is a large shrub or low tree, depending on the breed.

By the way, it is not by chance that hawthorn bears this name - translated from Greek, it means strong - some species can live to even three hundred years!

Is hawthorn useful for the heart?

Hawthorn has long been famous for its medicines, homeopaths sometimes call it "medicine for the old heart." Of course, we are talking here more likely about the functional activity and strength of the heart, rather than about his age. Hawthorn berries contribute to the expansion of the lumen of the blood vessels of the heart, thus the heart receives more oxygen, and this, in turn, reduces the manifestations of coronary heart disease.

How useful hawthorn berries in general?

In addition to the positive effects on the heart, hawthorn is used in the treatment of diseases of the liver and biliary tract. Also, hawthorn berries have long been used in the case of nervous overexcitement, insomnia and migraine.

Hawthorn during pregnancy

Answering the question of how useful hawthorn is for pregnant women, you can see that it is used mainly for sedative purposes, but it is extremely important to know how to prepare such soothing teas.

Like any drug, hawthorn has its own contraindications that must be considered. Firstly, it can be a common intolerance, secondly, avoid hawthorn if you need increased concentration of attention. Well and, of course, it is necessary to use hawthorn with caution for pregnant women.

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