How is HIV prevention done in the USA?

In February 1988, an international conference of health ministers on AIDS was held in London. It adopted a declaration in which it was stated that in the absence of any means of treating a disease, appropriate educational and informational programs, as well as the improvement of preventive work, become very important.
In the United States, where the number of HIV-infected people is one of the largest in the world, $ 1.3 billion was spent on the fight against AIDS, of which 480 million were spent on educational programs. Interestingly, volunteers who first turned their attention to homosexual men became pioneers of such programs. As a result of their efforts, it was possible to significantly reduce the incidence of HIV infection by gay men, although even today the largest percentage of the incidence rate (60%) falls on them.
Other programs are aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, responsible and safe behavior towards each other in society.
As part of the Presidential Aids Plan for AIDS Assistance, the US government makes a distinction between universal and targeted prevention approaches. Universal is carried out for the entire population, purposeful - for those at risk. They are injecting drug users, homosexuals, commercial sex workers, and discordant couples (one partner infected with HIV).
In 2012, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States) authorized the use of Truvada for the prevention of sexually transmitted HIV infection. This is the first medicine approved for use by its uninfected persons from the “risk group”. Previously, this drug was used exclusively for the treatment of AIDS. The data obtained as a result of research has shown that daily use of the drug can significantly reduce the risk of HIV infection through sexual contact.

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