How long do not finish?

Every man wants his woman to have an orgasm with him and, perhaps, not even one. But some girls need more time to achieve orgasm, others less. Therefore, men are so actively interested in how to learn not to end for a long time. About this and talk. Why do I quickly finish, how to postpone ejaculation, what tools will help and what actions will be helpful in solving this problem? So, first things first!

How long does not end: means

The experience of men shows that there are various means that allow them to extend the time of sexual intercourse.

  • The easiest way to postpone the moment of ejaculation is to buy a lubricant at the pharmacy or anesthetic condoms. Through this, you can extend sex for 5-10 minutes. It should be noted that for the best effect you need to wait a bit, because the anesthetic does not begin to act immediately.
  • Another good and noteworthy natural remedy is oak tea. Make a decoction of oak bark and eat it. In the bark of oak there is a lot of thiamine, it slows down the activity of the nerve endings of the genitals. Thus, the excitement comes slower, and therefore, the moment of ejaculation will occur later.
  • Other natural remedies are also noted - raspberry and currant leaves. Add them to food, so as not to end a little longer.
  • What a man does not know about the properties of alcohol, which help him not to end a long time. This gives an incentive to drink alcohol. But soon everything is replaced by the suppression of sexual functions. There are complaints about the failure of erection and very rapid ejaculation. That is, wanting to prolong sexual intercourse, you after some time get the opposite result.

How to learn not to finish for a long time: actions

In addition to such improvised means as special lubricants, condoms or alcohol and medicinal plants, there are other methods to extend the duration of sexual intercourse.

  • If during sex you feel that the orgasm is already close, slow down or accelerate the pace. A change of pace sometimes delays the onset of orgasm. By the way, the easiest way to regulate the pace when the partner is on top, men have the opportunity not to end in such a position for a while.
  • Also at the moment when you feel that you are about to end, you should sharply remove the penis from the vagina and squeeze it at the very base. Such unexpected stimulation switches the brain to a stressful area, to a completely different mode, as if it distracts and sex continues.
  • A very similar method is to pull the scrotum away from the body. When you feel you are about to finish, grab the scrotum between the testicles with your thumb and forefinger and pull it down.
  • When you feel that the orgasm is approaching, quickly imagine something completely unrelated to sex. Everyone will have their own images, the main thing is to ensure that the erection does not disappear altogether from your violent imagination. Stimulate the brain, think not about the partner and not about sex. The brain will switch and allow you to not end any longer.
  • Frequency of sex is the best way to learn not to stop for a long time! Just have sex more often. How not to end longer, if sex is very rare? Indeed it is very difficult. Oh, how well this fact is well known to sailors and geologists, who, due to their profession, are deprived of female attention. The less often a man has sex, the faster the moment of ejaculation occurs. Strive to ensure that sexual intercourse in family life remains regular.

I also want to warn men of what should not be done in order not to end for a long time. Do not pinch the urethra of the penis.Such regular actions will eventually lead to stagnation in the prostate gland. And this is a common cause of chronic prostatitis, affects the functioning of the sphincter apparatus of the prostate, and even contributes to the appearance of retrograde ejaculation.

And finally ... spend more time on foreplay, use oral caress, stroke the girl's erogenous zones, then during intercourse she will reach orgasm much faster, and you will not have to delay the ejaculation time.

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