How long does nausea occur during pregnancy?

The pregnancy of some women is normal and is not accompanied by nausea at all. But at the same time, if nausea does appear, it is also a normal reaction of the body to a changing state. Usually toxicosis, which is accompanied by nausea, manifests itself in the first or last trimester of pregnancy. The earliest, when it can start to feel sick, is a week after fertilization of the egg, but more often it still happens at 4-5 weeks of gestation. During these periods, the woman usually already guesses about her new position, and nausea is more likely a confirmation of these thoughts.
The main cause of nausea in the first months of pregnancy is an increase in the level of hCG in the expectant mother’s body. A woman becomes more susceptible to all manifestations of the environment, so nausea can be a consequence and a reaction to the smells of food, perfume, cigarette smoke, car exhaust and even the smells of other people.
In some pregnant women, mild nausea appears only when the woman is hungry. Discomfort in the stomach pass with the first piece of your favorite food. In this regard, some experts recommend keeping a cookie or some fruit near the bed so that immediately after waking up there is an opportunity to have something to eat. This in most cases helps to reduce the effect of morning toxemia.
To reduce the discomfort of nausea throughout the day, doctors recommend eating often, but by a little bit, refusing spicy and fatty foods, and drinking herbal teas with lemon.
The feeling of nausea in later pregnancy is a sign of unhealthy pregnancy. Late toxicosis is dangerous for mother and baby, because it can be caused by high blood pressure, swelling, disruption of the work of some organs (in particular, the kidneys) and can lead to headaches, and sometimes even loss of consciousness.
You can relieve your condition in the first weeks of pregnancy on your own, but if the toxicosis is strong, it is better to consult a doctor about how to reduce its effect on the future mother's health.
The nausea accompanying late toxicosis in the last weeks of pregnancy cannot be ignored. You should immediately inform your doctor about your condition and take measures to normalize the course of pregnancy.
In order for a pregnancy to proceed normally, one must always know what caused one or another condition and take measures in accordance with this. Then the health of the mother and baby will be in order.

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