How do lovers behave?

It is impossible to find someone unfamiliar with the state of love. He is truly submissive to all ages. Remember the movie "I ask you to blame Klava K. for my death." The main character fell in love with a girl back in kindergarten. And this is not an exaggeration. After all, an irresistible craving for a man of the opposite sex can catch you at any time during your life. And often this feeling catches a man off guard. How do lovers behave?

All lovers are happy

A couple in love can immediately be distinguished from the crowd. Even the most inattentive will identify people who have strong feelings for each other. This is noticeable by the way they talk, as if touching by chance, as they look at each other. You never know the signs can be found! And really, let's try to identify these signs.

Paraphrasing L. Tolstoy, one can say: all happy couples are equally happy. This is partly true. The main thing that distinguishes lovers is the state of happiness (of course, if the feelings are mutual). Especially at first.Such a state cannot be expressed in words, because it is a special aura, invisibly surrounding the couple, and unmistakably guessed by everyone around.

These two literally spread the atmosphere of happiness around them. They are inspired by the opportunity to be near. They do not care where they are, who surrounds them. The main thing is together!

Need for communication

�Throwing loving glances� is a familiar phrase, isn't it? This look is not to be confused with anything. This does not mean that lovers, without stopping, look at each other. Together they are ready to do anything. Even prepare for exams (what did you think?). Although the importance of tactile contact and can not speak.

And the need for communication. With each other, these two are so interesting that it seems that no one is needed anymore - neither friends nor parents. They are ready to talk endlessly, to discuss anything. And this is wonderful, because in this way they get to know each other better, find out the views, tastes, preferences, interests.

Two crazy

It is no secret to anyone the inadequate behavior of lovers. No wonder the word "love" is picked up by the epithets "crazy, insane."This is because a man in love often changes dramatically. How do lovers behave?

Aggressive sassy can turn into a meek lamb, unquestioningly following the object of passion. The modest quiet person suddenly shows unheard of audacity to draw the attention of the girl she liked. The wacky joker suddenly loses all eloquence in the presence of its half. And the fatal beauty, accustomed to universal adoration, is suddenly filled with paint at the sight of one and only.

Love is blind

What else distinguishes lovers from other (and begs - normal) people? Bias. Even the most sensible suddenly loses the ability to soberly assess the qualities and actions of a loved one. And if friends try to open the eyes of the "blind man", they can make an enemy in his face.

It seems to the lover that in his passion everything is beautiful, right according to the classic: �the face, the clothes, the soul, and the thoughts�. Lovers do not see the shortcomings of each other, or simply do not attach importance to them. But the positive qualities ascend to the rank of unprecedented merits.

By the way, this "blindness" extends to the rest of the world.Lovers can absolutely not notice what is happening under their nose. Disasters, tsunamis, political scandals - all this is not the slightest value. The whole Universe is concentrated in one single object.

In general, love is great. Therefore, we wish you to know on your own experience how lovers behave.

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