How much should a person weigh?

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How much should a person weigh?

Most women try to keep track of their weight, but some are so addicted to the process of losing weight that they do not even notice how they turn from slender women with moderate and beautiful forms into unattractive skinheads. Let's see how much a person should weigh, according to the norms, and what to do if your weight is more or less than the established norms.

How to calculate the weight rate?

For a long time, nutritionists recommended calculating the weight using the formula of Paul Broca, a famous French surgeon.

The weightThis formula is very simple: men need to subtract 100 from their height, and 110 to girls. Thus, it turns out that a woman 170 cm in height should weigh 60 kg.

However, nutritionists today consider this form obsolete and offer another one developed by the National Institute of Nutrition of Bucharest.

For a woman, she looks like this:

  • Ideal weight = (50 + (0.75 * (height in cm - 150)) + ((age - 20) / 4)) * 0.9

For a man:

  • Ideal weight = 50 + (0.75 * (height, cm - 150)) + ((age - 20) / 4)

Here is an example of a calculation for a 30-year-old woman with a height of 170 centimeters:

  • (50 + (0.75 * (170 - 150)) + ((30 - 20) / 4)) * 0.9 = 63.5 kg

However, it cannot be said that this formula is absolutely accurate, in any situation you needthe weighttake into account the particular physique. These tables will help you with this. True, it is first necessary to understand who you are - astenik, normostenik or hypersthenic. This will help you.

In addition to the physique, it is important to take into account, of course, the �composition� of the weight itself. If your weight increases, because you are pumping up muscles in the gym, then it is unlikely to be dealt with. Well, if exceeding the norm is associated with excessive use of various kinds of hazards and sweets, then, perhaps, you need to take action, namely, to go on a diet.

Of course, if your weight is below normal, you should also go on a diet, but not on weight loss, but on a set.

How to correctly gain or reduce weight?

The most harmless way to lose or, on the contrary, gain weight is to increase or decrease your daily calorie intake by 20-30%.

To begin, calculate your daily consumption using the formula:

  • For women: daily consumption = (10 * weight + 6.25 * height - 5 * age - 161) * k;
  • For men: daily consumption = (10 * weight + 6.25 * height - 5 * age) * k;

k - lifestyle ratio:The weight

  • sedentary lifestyle - 1,2;
  • sports 2 times a week - 1,375;
  • sports 4 times a week - 1.55;
  • sports 6 times a week - 1,725;
  • daily sports - 1.9.

On the Internet, there are plenty of ready-made daily menus for a certain number of calories, so you don�t have to find out how long and painfully how much and what you need to eat. You will find the ready menu for 1500 kcal, - for 2000, and - for 2500.

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