How did Nekrasov live?

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How did Nekrasov live?

The life and work of the famous Russian poet and publicist Nikolai Nekrasov were fraught with many difficulties and hardships. Nevertheless, he adequately withstood all the tests and found the strength to fully realize his talent.

Biography N. A. Nekrasov

Nikolai Alekseevich was born on December 10, 1821 in a military family and a daughter of a rich possessioner. The father retired when his son was 3 years old. The boy spent his childhood in the family estate in the village of Greshnevo, Yaroslavl Region. In the family, in addition to Nicholas, there were 13 more children. Despite the fact that life was sufficiently secured, the boy had little joy in his childhood. My father was notable for his tough despotic character, in every way he offended and humiliated his wife, cheated on her with the peasant women, and organized stormy feasts at home.

Nekrasov did not study well at school. Then he began to compose his first satirical poems, in every way ridiculing the teachers in them, for which he received regular reprimands from the teaching staff.

After graduating from school, Nikolay was going to enter at the insistence of his father, who wanted his son to be a military career, to the noble regiment of St. Petersburg. However, after talking with the schoolmates who had already gained student status, Nekrasov firmly decided to get a higher education. He failed the examinations at St. Petersburg University, so for the next 2 years he became a volunteer at the Faculty of Philology.Greshnevo Nekrasov

Infuriated by the refusal of his son from a military career, Nikolay's father stopped all sorts of funding for his son. It is not difficult to guess how Nekrasov lived at that time ... Forced to combine his studies with part-time jobs, he often remained hungry and without shelter. Once, even a night home on the street to the future glorious Russian poet was helped by a homeless person.

Over time, the affairs of Nikolai Alekseevich improved. He began to write a little for various literary magazines and theaters. Vissarion Belinsky, who mercilessly criticized the not very successful works of Nekrasov, had the strongest impact on the poet's work, but sincerely praised the best of his works.

The best years of creativity Nekrasov are 1846-1860.- the period of his active work in the role of publisher, editor, author and ideological inspirer of the literary magazine "Contemporary". Over the years Nekrasov wrote and published hisNekrasovthe most famous works, and also helped to gain recognition and fame to other talented representatives of Russian literature: Turgenev, Ogarev, Herzen, Goncharov, Grigorovich. In addition, the works of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Ostrovsky, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Chernyshevsky and Dobrolyubov and many others were printed in Sovremennik.

Since the mid-50s, a difficult time has come for the magazine - there was a split among members of the editorial board for ideological reasons. The activities of Sovremennik acquire a pronounced political subtext against the background of the general state of affairs. Dobrolyubov dies, and Chernyshevsky is exiled to Siberia. In 1966, the magazine is completely closed. Nekrasov continues to work, but in other, less significant editions.

In 1975, the poet was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. 2 years later he dies.

Interesting facts from the life of Nekrasov

  • Through all the work Nekrasov is a very bright, sincere, deep image of the mother, inspired by childhood memories. Kind andNekrasovthe intelligent mother of the poet, Elena Andreevna, stoically tolerated the frankly boorish and cruel attitude of her husband.
  • Avdotya Panaeva, the wife of Ivan Panaev, Nekrasov�s partner in the magazine Sovremennik, became Nekrasov�s �Woman of Life�. Nekrasov and Panaeva had rather specific relations - for more than 16 years they lived in a civil marriage directly in the house of the Panaevs together with the legal spouse of Avdotya Ivan Panaev.
  • In addition to literature, Nekrasov had two more great passions: card games and hunting.

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