How not to spend all the money on the wedding and what can you save?

Today, the wedding industry, forgive me for comparing, how funeral services are a powerful scraping, which competently handles the client and skillfully cleans his pockets. Wedding agencies in Moscow as dogs uncut. With space prices and the most absurd offers. Wedding ceremony anywhere in the world! Your marriage will be registered not in the Moscow registry office, but on the beach in Thailand, but at the same time they will tear off several hundred thousand, and it’s good if it is in rubles. Agencies wind up the price on everything that is possible: on chairs for guests with comfortable backs, on tablecloths of unreal material, colors, pyramids of champagne, etc., etc.

In fact, such things cost a penny, and the guests will not even pay attention to these little things, but you will spend a decent amount of money. Therefore, if you want to save money, you should organize your celebration independently and strongly in advance. Already in half a year it is worth discussing with the second half the concept of your wedding.In what style it will be, how many guests will be approximately, how much you are willing to spend on a wedding, but so that it does not hit the family budget. The main thing at a wedding is not expensive surroundings, but mood! Therefore, the choice of a leading event should also be taken care of in advance.

How not to spend all the money on the wedding and what can you save?

How not to spend all the money on the wedding and what can you save?

In fact, the price does not always guarantee quality! Not the fact that the lead for 150 thousand rubles will be better than 30! Pay attention to customer reviews, but remember that reviews can be paid advertising. Market leading, operators and photographers today is full. For 20 thousand rubles you can find quite a good photographer. And it is better that he specialized not only at weddings. Otherwise, the photos may turn out to be too stereotyped. Be sure to look at his portfolio, pay attention to how diverse and natural his photos are. Ask your relatives and friends. Often from the oversupply of Photoshop, the bride and groom in the photo look like wax figures. This should not be.

The bride should be serious about choosing a makeup artist. Remember that bridal makeup bridal makeup is different.For example, if you order a professional video, the makeup should be one, and if there is no video, but there will be only a photo, then the makeup should be different. An experienced makeup artist knows about these nuances. For 10-15 thousand you can find quite a decent makeup artist. And my advice to you: look for the visage courses among the teachers. These people are fluent in new techniques. Instagram to help you.

In general, six months before the event it is necessary to determine the budget of the celebration, the number of guests, the banquet hall, its decoration. Consider the options of invitation. Wedding planning also needs to be taken seriously. Think about where you want to get married and whether your wedding falls into fasting, during this period, the weddings are not held. As a rule, the church does not call the fixed cost of the wedding, but an unofficial donation in Moscow ranges from 3,000 to 10,000 rubles + church utensils: wedding icons, etc. It is time to book a banquet room. And here the cost may be very different, it all depends on the location. Someone prefers suburban recreation centers to metropolitan cafes and restaurants. That's cool. And the farther from Moscow, the cheaper.

Yury Matyukhin, the general producer of the MIRAS FILM company, told us about what can be saved and what is not worth it.

He has dozens of Rublev weddings and celebrations, as well as Katy Topuria, Victoria Krutoy's weddings in Monaco.

“What do we save on? At all, that does not make the guests happy! The pyramid of champagne, soap show, tricks of the bartenders, perhaps, will please the eye, but are unlikely to be postponed in the hearts of the guests. A modern wedding is not numbers from a TV show and not an attempt to surprise, but the creation of a cozy atmosphere among friends and relatives.

What we do not save? On emotions and memories. Often couples take only the photographer and completely abandon the holiday video recording. Now think, would you like to see the wedding of your parents or grandparents? Or a movie about how they met ... how they made an offer ... or how they fooled around with friends? This is the case when every penny is spent wisely. Festive fireworks are another thing - here is a literal “shot into the void” of the family budget. Which, by the way, already will surprise nobody. But the original flash mob with guests can just become an excellent happy ending party.The most important thing to remember: the main decoration of the celebration is you, your mood and the joy of the guests! ”

How not to spend all the money on the wedding and what can you save?

How not to spend all the money on the wedding and what can you save?

When choosing a banquet hall, you still need to be guided by the menu, and not by the price, otherwise there is a chance that guests will remain hungry. Price list in Moscow cafes and restaurants starts from 2,500 rubles per person. Alcohol is usually paid separately. In general, if you take an economy with a number of guests, for example, 70 people, then together with a cafe, a leading, a DJ and a photographer you can keep in 350 thousand rubles + wedding dresses and costumes, cake, car rental with a driver, etc.

In general, the wedding today, even in economy version, the pleasure is not cheap. You can spend a million or even two. But the guests will still remember only the emotions that they experienced. Well, the photos will remain.

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