How not to spoil the interior with photo wallpaper

Compliance with the idea that is supported in the room

Each style has certain features. If it is decided to paste over one of the walls with photo wallpapers, then this should be taken into account. For example, if Provence style is chosen, then the image of snowy mountains or the Arctic will look on the general background just ridiculous. Also, no matter how beautiful the green of the meadow was, but her photo in a high-tech room would be inappropriate.

Choosing wallpaper, you should consider the color

In addition to the image plot, the main color decision of photo wallpapers plays a decisive role. When choosing such a wall decoration, you should immediately pay attention to the color. If the room is furnished in neutral colors, and I would like to paste over the wall with a mixture of rich colors, then you should think about conformity and harmony.

Wall mural in the room should be alone

Some owners of small rooms can increase the room through photo wallpaper. This is the right decision, but it works only if the wallpaper glue on only one wall.If different images are on two walls, then it will look at least strange. If there is a desire to use two walls, then they paste over the corner of the room with photo wallpaper (for this idea you will need special corner wallpaper).

Caution with a small and kupino print

Now you can find wallpaper with the most enlarged pattern. Such images at first glance look fascinating, but soon they can get bored, so you need to weigh the pros and cons so that you don’t have to look again for a new story for photo wallpapers in a few months. Too small pictures are not considered the best idea. The best solution is to choose a realistic image with the usual for the eyes scales.

Wall mural and furniture

The furniture in the room with photo wallpapers should be placed so that it does not block the drawing. Otherwise, there will be no point in such a decoration. If you can not select a separate wall for the photo wallpaper, then it is better to choose only the picture in the upper part of the wall.

Placing photo wallpapers with light

Photowall-paper needs to be placed in such a way that they are advantageously illuminated. If the wallpaper is dark and the darkest wall of the room is covered with them, then they will look gloomy.It is best to place the print on a well-lit wall or use additional lighting. It so happens that the wallpaper on the opposite wall of the window will glare. In this case, clearly see the picture will not work.

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