How people travel with prosperity - Japanese miracle train

Some call it the train of the XXI century, others - the most luxurious railway transport in the world. This is not a copy of the domestic Swifts and Swallows in the Japanese manner and not an attempt to revive the "Orient Express." No, the Japanese went a completely different way.

The train “Shiki-Shima” is more like a hotel on wheels, which has only luxury rooms. It will run between the stations of Ueno, Tokyo and Tohoku, Hokkaido, crossing the whole country. All train tickets are sold out a year in advance - people can't wait to try it out on their own, what is it like to travel in the most comfortable car of the world?

The train is large enough, but only 34 passengers. They paid from 4,5 thousand to 10 thousand dollars for a ticket, which includes not only a trip, but also meals on the first category. The train moves along the common highways, but on a personal schedule and on the way from Tokyo to Hokkaido does just a few stops.The first trip took place on May 1 of the current year, and the main goal of launching such a train is to draw attention to Japanese railways, both from wealthy passengers and investors.

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