How to accelerate metabolism and lose weight, nothing much doing

Wake up and drink, drink, drink

A glass of water in the morning, as you probably know, is the most important for the body, but you should not forget about the subsequent ones! Start a jar of bottles and carry water with you. Drink actively (only, mind you, not during meals, but in between, to give the eaten, digested, digest), because each drop of fluid that runs through the body, saturating it with energy, promotes purification from toxins, stimulates metabolism and speed digesting carbohydrates with fats, which, in turn, helps to eliminate excess fat.

The fastest and most effective way to train yourself to drink water during the day is to install a reminder program in your phone that, while you are busy with something important, your body needs water!

Accumulate good fat

Adipose tissue is of two types: white (subcutaneous fat, or, in a scientific way, visceral) and brown (abdominal fat).If we should get rid of the first, the latter is vital. Because it is precisely because of the high content of mitochondria that it provides our body with heat, due to which the consumption of calories also increases.

How to accelerate metabolism and lose weight, nothing much doing

Scientifically proved that 30 grams of brown fat "eat" about 20% of kcal. In general, in our body, brown fat has many important concerns, and the production of the hormone irisin among others. The same, strictly speaking, which is responsible for turning white fat into brown. However, in order for this process to run without failures, we need to do a little sweat with you. 20-30 minutes of intense cardioactivity daily, and your reflection in the mirror will pleasantly surprise you! No, you, of course, are beautiful and so, but, having studied a little in the morning, by the evening - I promise! - you will be even more beautiful!

On charging, become!

Excuses about the lack of time are not accepted, because you can find 15–20 (preferably 30!) Minutes for tabata-charging in any, even if it is completely loaded with a life schedule. The web is full of all kinds of videos (and we also supply you with our own from time to time) with short ones that do not require any special physical training or any additional equipment with cardio training, which in a very short time will disperse the metabolism and put the body in order.

If you like, you can do these trainings anytime, anywhere. Get up early, drink a glass of water, lay a rug and go ahead. Or in the evening, after work, instead of lying on the couch, stretch, stretch yourself and follow a couple of approaches. 15 minutes will charge you with additional energy so that you can easily remake a whole bunch of household chores. And if absolutely no time - nothing! Make up for the next day. In the meantime, forget about the escalators and elevators and do not look for parking closer to the entrance, better walk once again.

Step march!

In general, walking upstairs is a good practice on non-training days. Prolonged sitting at the desk relaxes not only the muscle tissue, but also the cells of our body, allowing them to generate bad fat. After completing a number of work responsibilities, get up, walk around the office for 5 minutes and instead of sending emails and calling the next room, take a couple of extra steps and discuss everything personally.

The statement that there is no truth in the legs is complete nonsense! Even just to stand is already useful, because while standing the body uses more muscles than it is sitting, and, accordingly, it consumes more energy.

Do not overeat and do not go hungry

This is perhaps the most difficult point, because it is difficult to find a middle ground between under- and over-enough.

Nutrition comes down to three main components: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. All of them, of course, are important and necessary, but in what proportion - that’s the question, because everyone’s body is unique and it’s as wrong to equate everyone with the same brush as eating only one thing. It is only important from what products you will get these BZHU.

How to accelerate metabolism and lose weight, nothing much doing

To begin with, replace refined, saturated fats and empty calories with something more natural. And you will automatically begin to slim. Natural does not at all mean something expensive with super, “eco” and free marks, but it implies familiar vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and cereals. In general, everything that is not produced in factories and mills.

Change the approach to cooking. Cook the steamed, cook and bake without butter. These methods of cooking do not require much hassle, and the products are juicy and nutritious. And when there are seeds in your salad, avocados, nuts are the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, the need for oiling is automatically eliminated.

Can't deny yourself a sweet dessert ?! Eat a couple of dates, a banana or some vegan ball of dried fruit with nuts.You can two, if your day is hyperactive.


Vegan cakes, organic sweets and all sorts of "harmless" newfangled sweets, though not containing refined components, are still representatives of fast carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. These carbohydrates are absorbed by our body quickly and quickly turn into sugar, enter the blood and give a serious charge of energy, which, if it is not promptly put into operation, will fade away, leaving everything eaten in the sides and hips. So do not lean on vegan desserts if you plan to lie all day on the couch.

So what does it have to lose weight?

Some say that the first meal should be something protein (eggs, omelette, tofu, cheesecakes, cottage cheese, chicken breast); others tend to a carbohydrate breakfast (fruits, cereals, sandwiches); still others advise to drink only water before dinner (complete nonsense). There is also a theory about the separation of food and that you need to have everything mixed up, but often in small portions. And every day, scientists from different countries give out a new portion of the truth about the benefits and harms of certain products, but if you listen to each and every one, you will never understand how much you still need to eat, how and when, in order to restore, preserve and increase this to you by nature.I am a practitioner, not a theorist, and I have tried it myself about what I am telling you. So I will share my own experience.

Breakfast is a guarantee of health, breakfast above all

Many do not attach much importance to the first meal, limiting themselves to a sip of coffee, and it is breakfast that awakens our body and energizes for at least half a day. Morning meal triggers the metabolism and provides us with energy for productive work. Therefore, the best that can be in the morning is fresh fruit, because it is they, passing through the digestive tract, rather than other products saturate the body with fiber and vitamins, improve the digestive tract, “turn on” the brain, and, of course, instantly charge energy.

Neither a smoothie, nor a fruit salad does not require much time for preparation. And if you do not have time to enjoy breakfast at home, you can shift the breakfast in a fashionable jar with a bright tube - and on the road.

How to accelerate metabolism and lose weight, nothing much doing

Cakes, pies, doctor sausage with white bread, fried eggs with bacon and so on are not suitable for breakfast. I hope you can guess why?


Lunch should be hearty, so that you have enough strength to hold out until the end of the working day without a nervous breakdown.But do not overeat, otherwise you will not want to have dinner on time, which means there is a risk that when it's time to go to bed, you will go to the refrigerator. Therefore, it is better to get a little out of it and after a couple of hours to pamper yourself with some small but useful dessert.

My favorite meal is a salad of fresh or baked vegetables (with avocados, to fill the daily need for omega-3 fatty acids) with a handful of brown rice or buckwheat and necessarily something protein: homemade tofu, beans or mushrooms. Again, a bit of everything, so as not to overeat.

Do you need dinner? Of course!

Evening fasting, as well as overeating before bedtime, is fraught with consequences. From the most obvious: waiting for you restless sleep and fatigue in the morning, the desire to skip breakfast and exercise, and then a broken day.

The fact is that as long as we sleep, our body continues to work actively, some processes activating, slowing others. For both, energy is needed, which we can get on time: no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime or 10-12 hours before breakfast.

It is important to remember that you should choose the size of the portion yourself.It’s better to eat a little less than to overeat, because the feeling of full satiety comes, as a rule, not immediately, but 20-30 minutes after you get up from the table.

And the last. Listen to your body. He is better than any doctor will tell you what he needs!

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