How to adjust the fuel pump

You will need
  • Test stand
Run the fuel inpumpin the following mode: first without injectors, fully fueling (15 minutes); then with nozzles at rated speed (30 minutes). To ensure a uniform fuel supply, set the first element clampspumpat a distance of 50 mm from the free planepump, and the remaining clamps expose through 40 mm.
During the run-in, check the tightness of the connections, and also make sure that there is no local heating, other knocks and other defects. At the end of the run-in, replace the oil in the regulator and the housing.pump.
Adjust the starting angle of the fuel. Disconnect low and high pressure pipelines frompump. Screw the technological load to the place of the relief valve, and to the head inletpumpattach the high pressure hose. At the fittings of the pumping sections, screw the flexible tubes, the free ends of which insert into the sockets of the stand.
Feed into the headpumpfuel under high pressure and slowly turn the drive shaft with the help of the knob. Using the tick marks on the graded disc, find the feed start angle. Railpumpmust be in the “feed on” position. Similarly, determine the angles of the fuel supply in the remaining sections. Compare the data with the table values ​​and adjust if necessary.
Adjust the rail stroke. Set the offset stroke of the fork so that its end protrudes no more than 15 mm above the front plane of the fork. Move slats measure with a caliper from the attachment plane of the fuelpumpup to any clamp reiki.
Adjust the knob. With the bench on, make sure there are no knocks on the regulator and the pump. Changing the shaft rotational speed, check if the loads touch the regulator case. Set the speed of the regulator by changing the number of shims under the head of the restrictive bolt.
Adjust the rated fuel supply. Turn on the stand and let it work for about 20 minutes. Adjustment with feed on at the nominal shaft speed.
Now check and, if necessary, adjust the cyclic fuel supply. The difference in performance between sectionspumpshould not exceed 3%.

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