How to adjust the transparency of windows

All other editions of Windows Vista / 7 transparencywindowsconfigured in the "Personalization" section of the control panel. To call this section, right-click on any empty place on the desktop. In the dialog box that appears, select "Personalization". You will see a personalization window. At the bottom of the window, find the item “Window color” and left-click on the link provided.
You will be taken to the personalization section “Color and Appearance of the Window”. The system will prompt you to change the color of the, start menu and taskbar. Select the desired color from the options. In the “Enable transparency” box, check the box.
In the color intensity settings, move the slider to adjust the transparency. Moving the slider to the leftmost side makes the windows as transparent as possible, “glassy”; moving the slider to the right side maximizes the saturation of the color of your choice, respectively.
Next, you can adjust the saturation and brightness of the transparency. Click on the phrase “Show color settings” and three more sliders will appear in front of you to change hue, saturation and brightness.

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