How to answer the guy?

Thanks to the Internet, the secrets of communication are becoming increasingly relevant. Because the dating network is expanding, and there is less time to figure out how beautifully the guy has to answer for inexperienced girls. Happy women of the past - they could allow themselves to exercise in wit and coquetry. For example, Tatyana wrote a letter to Onegin a week, and a marriage proposal at that time was considered for years. Try a week to think about what to say to “hello” for the guy who is interested in you in social networks; he simply won’t remember who you are and why he wrote to you. Conclusion - you need to act quickly, but deliberately. For girls who are nervous and experiencing, communicating with men, here are some universal tips.

Question answer

The question is a signal that you are interested in a person, and he wants to know more about you. In a relationship with a guy to avoid this situation is unrealistic, especially if he likes you. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand how to answer the questions of the guys, so as not to discourage them from continuing acquaintance, but rather to form a positive and captivating image.

  • Counter questions.In order to increase the time to think about the answer and not blurt out any nonsense, use this technique, popularly referred to as "Jewish." Ask the interlocutor - "Why did it interest you?".
  • Form. Be sure to determine what impression you want to make on the guy. Do you want to be thought of you, that you are a funny laugh or a thoughtful intellectual, independent or romantic, sly or trusting? The impression that has developed about you at the beginning of your acquaintance is very difficult to change in the future. Yes, and the guy will not understand - he liked the romantic coquette, and you suddenly respond defiantly and with provocation.
  • Honesty. Sometimes questions affect not the best moments of your life and character. You can try to laugh it off "It was a hundred years ago, I was young and green then" or "I rarely get angry only when hungry." During a serious conversation, the interlocutor may not understand your joke and even get offended, so try to answer as tactfully and truthfully as possible. And if you really had to lie, remember everything that was invented by you, you will suddenly have to reproduce the events. One small mistake and reputation liar you provided.A lie not only lowers a person in the eyes of others, but also kills trust, which is the basis of any relationship.
  • Leaving the answer is a good option if you are very uncomfortable topic of conversation. The tradition to seek an answer using hot tongs and an iron has long been obsolete, and the native person will not persist, seeing your suffering. You can say: "This is a long story," "It hurts me to remember this," "I will definitely tell you about it when I am ready." But this option can be used only in extreme cases where you can not figure out how to answer the guy. After all, male fantasy can significantly surpass reality.
  • Silly questions. Sometimes a guy is lost no less than a girl, and questions can be ridiculous and strange. To answer them should be blurred without specifics, but with good-natured humor. You can be a little stupid, observing the style of the interlocutor. The main thing - do not be nervous!

Invitation Response

Very often, girls are lost, not knowing how to respond to a guy a meeting request. After all, the answer is influenced by many factors: your relationship, the nature of the meeting, your desire or unwillingness. Let us consider in more detail how beautifully to refuse or agree:

  • Agree! If the nature of the meeting is friendly, just forget that the guy is in front of you.Smile and feel free to specify the time and place. If this is a date, it will not hurt a little flirting. Make him wait for the meeting with impatience, purr "I am so pleased to receive your invitation."
  • I do not agree! In this case, the wording of the refusal should be polite and understandable.

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