How to avoid a family crisis after the birth of a child

Immediately there is a risk of dissolution of the relationship between a man and a woman in the relationship between father and mother, which leads to a serious family crisis. A wife, just recently tender, can turn into the embodiment of real motherhood, plunging into taking care of the child, and her husband, overwhelmed with a sense of fatherhood, will disappear for days at work, trying to feed the family.

There is an opinion that a child by its appearance turns the life of young spouses into a routine, that is, after the birth of a baby, the festive life seems to be otherworldly. The husband notices that the wife is occupied only with the child, and the wife, in turn, sees that she married a frivolous mattress, who didn’t need a family either. It seems that the case is approaching a divorce. But you shouldn’t hurry so much, because parental feelings can get along well with marital feelings, even without interfering with each other! What is necessary for this to do?

First, organize your life in such a way that, apart from taking care of the child, you also have time to be together. Find a good, reliable person to whom you can trust the care of your baby from time to time, while you yourself go to the theater, cinema or just take a walk. The most important thing is to be a couple.

Secondly, it is better to establish in the family some agreement on the division of roles in relation to the child. For example, choose someone who will get up at night and swing the baby. Also follow to clarify the pastime: will both parents stay at home all the time, or they can go on a visit, even if they take turns.

Thirdly, it is worth learning to give up some hobbies. It is possible that you will have to cut yourself somewhere in school, in additional work or in communication with friends. You must try to make it feel like something natural for you, rather than something that you need to sacrifice in the name of the child.

Fourthly, to remain truly spouses, it is necessary to restore sexual relations.

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