How to become a mermaid in real life - all the ways

How to become a mermaid in real life - all ways

How to become a mermaid in real life: all methods are truly tested and tested.

Mermaids ... it seems to me that these creatures are real sorceresses, because they can control such elements as water and air, and are still able to breathe under water! Some legends say that mermaids are able to take the form of diverse creatures. I also heard that not all these creatures have a tail, it is they who can live among ordinary people.

How to become a mermaid at home

There are so many methods that can help you become a mermaid (that is, get her abilities) if you believe in them. The easiest way to become a mermaid at home is to write on a leaflet about what abilities you want to acquire, and how you want to look. It is necessary to describe everything in great detail, take all the little things into account, the more details you write, the better. In the full moon this leaf should be put on the window sill, only moonlight should fall on it, this is a prerequisite.In the morning, you need to check if something has changed on it, some letter may disappear or a new sign will appear. If this happens, then you rather go to the bathroom, and check if you have become a mermaid.

Ways to become a full moon mermaid

You can also put a shell in a mug of water and put it under the light of the full moon. When there will be the third day of the “mermaid week”, it is necessary at 12 o'clock, not later and not earlier, to pour yourself with this water (from a glass). They knew a long time ago how to become a magic mermaid. The third day of the “mermaid week” does not have a specific day, but it is known that it starts on the seventh Thursday immediately after Easter. It is known that mermaids are very active on the well-known holiday of Ivan Kupala, which is celebrated on July 7th. People say that it is often for Ivan Kupala and the “mermaid week” that miracles happen very often. It happens that to get the skills of mermaids, you do not need to wait for a full moon or a certain day. For example, in a salty water, dip an orange, but not purified. Then you need to remove from it the skin in the form of a spiral and put it in a glass with any water for one hour. After an hour, this water should be quickly drunk, and the juice from the squeezed orange to fill the bathroom with water, and plunge into it with his head.


Another way to become a mermaid is bathing.On the eve of a full moon, the water in the bathroom should be made like in the sea: dilute the water with sea salt, heat it up a little, put lots of shells on the bottom, you can even pour sand from the seashore. A mirror should be attached to the wall so that the moon is reflected in the water. You should be in the bathroom, and look at the reflection of the moon until it disappears completely. Even if it will be very long, do not take your eyes off the moonlight, if you do this, then all the magic will disappear. Anyone who knows how to become a mermaid will confirm this.

Ways to become a mermaid right now

Ways to become a mermaid right nowWhen the moon disappears, for a few seconds, immerse yourself in the water. Then pretend as if you are swimming in the sea and get out in five to seven minutes. Sleep should go with a wet head. You should also wear shorts, skirts or pants of the color you want your tail to have. To make this work, you need to put a shell out of the sea under the pillow. Very rarely, before a full moon, they write a wish on a piece of paper, dip it in an aquarium and put it under a flower pot.

There is even a spell on how to become a mermaid, but unfortunately, in ordinary life it will not work.To make it work, you need to wait for the full moon, and late at night to sit in a full bath, the light in the whole house should be turned off. It is necessary to call the mermaid three times. If you hear any sounds or noises, it means that a mermaid has come to you. You should not be afraid of her, you should ask her for a tail, and then go to bed.

How to become a mermaid without full moon

There is one more similar to this method: you need to spread a piece of paper on paste, put this paper on the edge of the sink and turn on the water, then call the mermaid with the same spell, the spell should be pronounced three times ... These two ways to become a mermaid are real, so the mermaid will come to you . Tell her your name, talk to her, ask questions, and she will mentally answer you. In the end, ask for magical skills, and do not forget to bow. The mermaid will observe you for a month, and think about whether it is worth giving a miraculous power to a man. If she considers you a reliable person, she will give you a tail, he will appear himself, at an unexpected time, in 1 second. At this time you can not get wet on people and tell them about the existence of mermaids.


How to become a mermaid in a bath

If you are afraid to call a mermaid, you can try other ways, not so scary. For example: you can wrap fish scales and your hair in a piece of paper and burn it. Ash diluted in water and drink it. You can also put two mirrors against each other, stand between them and say “I will become a mermaid”, this needs to be repeated several times, and then just take a dip in the bathroom. Of course, you need to do all this during a full moon, if you do this method at another time, then it simply will not work.

Another way to become a mermaid in the summer

Another way to become a mermaid in summerThere are other tips on how to become a mermaid. One of them says that people turn into a mermaid if they swim long in the summer in the sea, river or lake. If they learn to dive deeper or just hold their breath for a long time, but do not try it. You can also swim with a full moon, sometimes after such a swim, abilities appear to control such elements as air and water. It is very important if you become a mermaid not to lose this new magic power. She needs to be trained every day; if you don’t do that, she will disappear in a few weeks and never come back to you.Handle it with care, and only for good purposes!

We hope you all understand that all the above useful tips and ways to become a real mermaid are just myths, a kind of game, but if you have proven ways to become a mermaid, be sure to share it with those who strongly want it - our readers. Remember, if you simply did not manage to become a real mermaid without a tail, then do not be discouraged - enjoy your human appearance and abilities, it is much better! Faith in miracles works wonders! :-)

Share with all your friends how to become a mermaid during the day and at full moon, and if you have your own tricks, tell us about this proven and easy way.

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