How to become a vegetarian

You will need
  • - products of plant origin;
  • - books with recipes for vegetarians.
Find good reasons. If your desire to become a vegetarian is just a tribute to fashion, then, most likely, this will not be your lifestyle. Any change in habits requires a little bit of motivation. You must first think about why you want to become a vegetarian, and really believe it. The rest is simple.
Read books on vegetarianism. Before starting something new, as a rule, it is worth reading as much literature as possible on the subject of interest. Vegetarianism, too, should be approached in the same way. Check out some good books. Better yet, ask your vegetarian friends. There are also many excellent sites on the Internet dedicated to this issue.
Find good recipes. You do not need to go out and buy a bunch of new cookbooks, although this is, of course, a good option. But, again, there are many great recipes on the Internet. In fact, all this may be a bit unusual, but do not worry.You do not need to make a decision, guided only by recipes. Choose some that you like. Try cooking a few of them.
Try one recipe a week. If you like the dish, add it to your main menu, which you will eat on a regular basis. If the recipe is not very good, try another one next week. Soon you will have a list of 5-10 dishes that you like to cook and eat. Most people have 7-10 recipes that they use all the time. If you have the same amount, you can consider yourself a vegetarian.
Gradually replace meat with vegetable products. For example, if you like soup with meat or spaghetti, you should try adding soy or something similar to meat to taste instead. There are vegetable alternatives to almost any kind of meat, and some of them hardly differ in taste. You can also just stop adding meat to your usual dishes without any replacement. And, above all, it is worth refusing red meat, since it is considered the least beneficial to health.
If you are not sure whether to become a vegetarian, visit a restaurant of such food. If they are not nearby, ask them to prepare a meatless dish in an ordinary restaurant.Perhaps a tasty cooked meal of plant origin will help you to strengthen your decision to become a vegetarian.

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