How to build a sauna in the country

To begin with, make a project of a future steam room or a sketch; it is much more convenient to build on them. In addition, you can eliminate a lot of errors when working. Take measurements of the walls and linen. Transfer them to the drawing. On it you can see the layout of the steam room. Conveniently, it is possible to choose a good location of the seats and the heater.
Once you have fully decided on the design of the sauna, proceed to the choice of materials for construction. It is recommended to use for this linden, cedar or abashi. After that, proceed directly to making the frame of the steam room. You can line it up from 40x40 or 50x50 bars. Process them in advance with special liquids. Bars will not crack in the future from moisture. Nail the walls and ceiling bars at a distance of 500 millimeters from each other. Be sure to lay insulating material between the bars. Then you can start clapboard cladding walls and ceiling. Finishing material must be nailed to the bars with hidden nails.The frame and flooring loungers you can perform according to the design of the sauna. The floor is recommended to lay out ceramic tiles.

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