How to build a tape foundation

You will need
  • construction level, shovel, nails, ax, hammer, handsaw, ribbed fittings, marking cord, wire, hook for tying reinforcement, crushed stone, sand, cement, lumber.
Investigate the composition of the soil on the site. The study of soil is perhaps the most important point in the construction of any building. Only having received a complete idea of ​​the composition of the soil, it is possible to choose the type of foundation and the depth of its foundation. From the correctness of this choice depends on the durability of your building. If the soil on your site is dense, dry and unleveling - the strip foundation is ideal for your building.
Plan your schedule. The work schedule should be planned in such a way as to eliminate downtime. It must be remembered that the strip foundation is poured at a time.
Break the foundation axes with pegs and a cord.
Dig a trench under the foundation.It should be remembered that the width of the foundation tape should exceed the width of the walls of the house by 15-20 cm.
Fill the trench with layers of sand and gravel. Pour a layer of sand 20 cm thick and tamp carefully. Pour the same layer of gravel or rubble over the sand. Tamp. Put the plastic wrap and fill with cement mortar. A layer of cement mortar should be about 5-10 cm. Let the solution gain strength. It will take about 7 days.
Make the formwork and install it inside the trench. Formwork should be installed strictly vertically and rise above the ground level by at least 35 cm.
Assemble the frame of longitudinal and transverse reinforcing bars, connecting them with wire. The frame must be laid on the entire height of the foundation. It is important that the reinforcement bars have a corrosion resistant coating.
Pour the concrete in the formwork layers. Each layer must be carefully tamped to eliminate the formation of voids in the concrete. The approximate thickness of the layers is 20 cm. The concrete mix must be poured from a height of less than 50 cm, otherwise separation of concrete may occur.
Remove the formwork after 10 days. Smear with bitumen mastic outer walls of your foundation.Glue the roofing felt for waterproofing. Cover sandwiches with foundation sand by sanding it.
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If the soil in your area is heaving, and the depth of its freezing is large enough, the laying of strip foundation will require a large amount of earthworks. As a result, the total cost of laying foundation work can increase substantially.
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