How to build muscle at home - training program

Many are interested in how to build muscle at home. To achieve a good result help proper training. If you just start to swing, decide on the main purpose of the classes. Novice athletes make many mistakes. They seek to develop strength and build muscle, but training does not bring results.

A typical mistake - a huge amount of exercise, while training provide a small burden. The essence of the error - this approach does not inflate muscles. The growth is due not to the number of exercises, but to increasing burdens.

  • Constant lifting of heavy loads causes the body to build muscle mass, which allows it to cope with increasing loads.
  • You can use a little weight and do a lot of exercises. This approach develops endurance. Muscles in volume increase insignificantly.
  • Increase the workload properly.Do not change the technique of exercise and do not exercise without first warming up.
  • For proper muscle growth in one muscle group, do several exercises. Perform the first basic exercise with a barbell, doing several sets of 5 repetitions.
  • The second exercise is focused on a diverse and deep study of muscle fibers and training of muscle energy. Perform with dumbbells, no more than 4 sets of 10 repetitions.

Making the body beautiful will help the right amount of exercise, along with an increase in working weight, adherence to techniques and a good workout.

List of exercises for training at home

Beginning athletes pump the muscles at home. Who has achieved good results, realizes that it is impossible to stop and go to the gym, because home loads are not enough.

  1. Exercises for the chest. Push up is the best exercise for the pectoral muscles. Run with arms wide apart. If you take fifteen repetitions in one set, increase the load. On the back you can wear a backpack filled with heavy things.
  2. For the muscles of the chest perfectly fit the bars.If the power performance deserves better, push on the stools, pushing the legs forward. So you can lose weight and undergo preliminary training.
  3. Exercises for the back and shoulders. You will need a horizontal bar. Tighten with a wide and reverse grip. Pull-ups load the deltoid muscles and biceps.
  4. You can train your shoulders at home with the help of two 20-liter water bottles. Lift them in front of you or move your arms to the side. The main advantage of such sports equipment is to change the load level by adding or reducing water.
  5. Such bottles will also help in swinging the biceps. In a standing or sitting position, bend your arms, simulating an exercise using dumbbells.
  6. Triceps and press exercises. Triceps are trained by regular push-ups with a narrow grip. If the number of repetitions has reached 15 pieces, be sure to increase the load.
  7. With the press just. Lie on your back and in the supine position, raise your legs up. Exercise to perform before the burning of the abdomen.
  8. Harder to pump home legs. I suggest exercises from the school curriculum - squats and a pistol.

Twice a month, do heavy workouts.With each subsequent workout, increase the load.

Exercises for the muscles of the back

A pumped up back looks amazing, protects the spine, facilitates everyday life, maintains correct posture.

  • It is better to train your back separately from the chest. As a result, all the energy goes into working out the spinal muscles. Such training is more effective.
  • Biceps are actively involved in back-oriented exercises. They swing after the back. In the exercise, you can include and forearm. Forearms are characterized by enviable endurance and participate in all exercises. Therefore, subject them to hard work no more than once a week.
  • Learn to feel the effects of training. Before going to the gym, make sure that your muscles are restored.
  • If you want to increase the strength indicators, pay attention to special sports supplements - arginine, creatine and amino acids. Sports nutrition is enough to include in the diet.

Before the start of the training season, be sure to set a goal. It plays the role of a kind of lighthouse, to which you are approaching every day closer.

Video Tips

Tips for pumping arm muscles

The human hand consists of their forearms, biceps, triceps and a lot of small muscles, each of which is actively involved in the work of the hand.

  1. Doing exercises that involve flexing your arms, you train your biceps. We are talking about flexing the arms with dumbbells or a barbell, pull-ups on the horizontal bar and tie rods oriented to the dorsal muscles.
  2. If during the training the arms are unbent, triceps are trained. This effect is achieved with a bench press, parallel bars, push-ups from the floor.
  3. Exercises, which require hands to hold sports equipment, are focused on the forearm.

Video recommendations for hands

Important rules

  • I have never seen an athlete weighing 70 kg, whose arm circumference exceeds 37 cm. Only big people can boast with large and powerful hands. Therefore, it is necessary to swing the whole body, paying particular attention to the legs.
  • Pull-ups, traction and presses have a titanic load on their hands. Do not overdo with the number of approaches and the weight of sports equipment. Otherwise, ligaments that heal for a very long time will be damaged.
  • If you are aiming to make your hands big, achieve decent results in basic exercises.We are talking about push-ups, pull-ups, rod weight and deadlift.
  • Big hands - an attribute of people with strong forearms.
  • Strengthen and strengthen your hands will help a boxing bag. Striking blows on this heavy sports equipment, you will make hands confident, strong, dexterous. Working with this projectile involves the use of elastic bandages and projectile gloves. Otherwise, you can damage the joints or sprain your fingers.
  • Shaking hands, follow the physiology of the muscles. Triceps differs from biceps in a large number of white fibers. Therefore, he is trained with large weights that develop strength.
  • When working with a barbell or other projectile, mentally imagine how the biceps increases in size. Thanks to this training secret, some athletes manage to go beyond the average achievements.
  • If during training in the area of ​​the carpal joints there were discomfort, it should be stopped.
  • Perform exercises accurately and accurately. If you work with a barbell, your hands should receive the main load. You can not help them with the body.

Make a program and practice it.Develop a habit of keeping a diary to record results and track achievements.

Leg muscle exercises

The strongest and largest muscles of the body are the muscles of the legs. Regardless of the place of training, you need to eat properly and balanced. Otherwise, all the exercises will be ineffective and meaningless.

  1. Make your legs muscular help daily squats. At first, squat on two legs, after a month or more switch to more difficult exercises.
  2. Doing the exercise, keep your back straight, do not pull your heels off the floor. For the sake of maintaining equilibrium, it is recommended that you hold your hand by the support.
  3. After squats, switch to a jump rope. This simple shell develops leg muscles and increases stamina.
  4. To pump the inner muscles of the legs will help press the feet. Sit in the simulator, put your legs shoulder-width apart and slightly push the socks apart. During the exercise, the back should be fully seated against the back of the seat.
  5. A good exercise is provided for training the hind muscles. On the shoulders, place the barbell and stand with her socks on the bar. To begin with, pull on your toes, then go back to the starting position.
  6. Develops muscle jogging.
  7. The upper muscles will work hook-machine and other simulators, focused on the extension of the legs.

Leg training video

How to swing a neck

Everyone needs a strong and pumped neck. First of all, such a neck will improve the appearance of the owner. She can protect her spine from damage.

If you sign up for the gym, an experienced coach will prompt competent exercises for the neck, offer a wide range of simulators and many effective techniques.

According to the experts, regular exercises with a small load are much more effective than non-systematic exercises with full display. Work with a small weight does not exempt from the mandatory warm-up before the main workout.

Exclude breakthroughs from classes, and the desire to accelerate is not welcome. Perform each exercise accurately and smoothly. The complex consists of 5 exercises, 15 approaches each. Calculate the load, so that the forces are enough for everything. Be prepared that the first training will seem difficult.

2 groups of exercises for the neck

  • The first group: exercises on the use of resistance forces. Sports gear and attributes are not needed.Simple exercise: fingers to connect to the lock and grab the back of the head. Head pull to the ground, and neck muscles to create resistance.
  • The second group: exercises using sports equipment. Espanders, weights, pancakes. Will require a special device for the placement of goods.


I will describe several popular exercises. You can choose some of the most convenient options.

  1. Tilts his head against the resistance created by the palms. The slopes do back and forth.
  2. Rest your hands on the jaw and create resistance to the bends performed by the head.
  3. Exercise to perform in the supine position with a device of belts and cargo. Put it on and make head movements. The optimal load to pick up by changing the load.
  4. On the head, strengthen the string bag with the load, sit on a chair or chair with a back. Secure the belt on the forehead. Head back and swing it up and down.

The neck is a fragile part of the body. Train muscles in this area very carefully.

Positive aspects of training

A person visiting a gym or engaged in a house builds a body, increasing the attractiveness for ladies.

After training, a person experiences an unforgettable experience. Work on the muscles is good for health, slows down aging. With muscles and heart sways. Reduced risk of hypertension. A strong blood flow cleans the circulatory system, normalizes pressure.

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Should I swing, it's up to you. You have the right to dispose of your health and beauty of the body.

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