How to buy a truck crane

Be sure to ask the seller to demonstrate the operation of the crane. If the seller begins to play up and give arguments that “fuel is being wasted”, think about what else the hosts saved on.truck crane.
Evaluate the quality of the color of the crane. Of course, the main thing is that it works, but a too shabby look may indicate that it was heavily exploited, and not very carefully. If the faucet is freshly painted, it is also worth considering whether the paint hides through cracks, holes and shells. The best option is a well-preserved factory color.
You should not trust the readings of the odometer and motochas (if any). By simple manipulations, the readings of these devices are brought to the state that suits the seller.
Better pay attention to the state of the pedals, levers, buttons, seats. It is not wear that is important, but “tuning” - the presence of non-standard supports, covers, lamps indicates a good caring owner who must have gone through all technical inspections on time and repaired all the faults.
Before you buy a truck crane, be sure to lift it on the jacks and inspect the frame, mainly welding seams. You can even rub them with a metal brush, look for cracks there.
Inspect the turntable: the bearing should not have traces of welding, and during rotation there should be no extraneous noise. Check the condition of all brakes - manual, automatic (inertial) and transport lock, as well as brake fluid. Assess the condition of hydraulic cylinders and rods, hydraulic hoses.
Make sure the crane is level and the supports are fully extended; lay the boom horizontally. Inspect the boom, it should not have cracks, distortions and traces of cooking (on large cranes, inspect the boom sectionally).
Check whether the cables and hoses of the controlled jib are wound correctly, and in what condition the tackles are located. Inspect the pulleys and try whether they rotate easily.
Inspect the engine and check its operation. Assess the state of hydromechanical transmission, parking brake and other important points. If everything is in order, feel free to buy a used crane.

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