What do you call a kitten boy?

The kitten, who recently settled in your apartment or private home, has already conquered the hearts of all households, including dogs and parrots. But now, several days have passed, and you have not yet decided what to call the kitten a boy.

Sometimes you just have to look at a small pet, as soon as the name comes to mind. But sometimes it becomes quite a challenge. Then the family council convenes and the nickname is decided on it. After all, this business is very responsible and not simple, it depends on it, one can say, the fate of the future adult cat.

Some principles of naming

If you hear something standard - Vaska, Murchik, Snowball, Fluff - do not rush and think, because with this nickname the cat will have to live quite a long time. Yes, and you pronounce the cat's name often have to. The correctly chosen nickname promotes mutual understanding between the pet and its owner (after all, it has been observed that pets become “similar” to their owners over time). Almost all cats (if, of course, not deaf) like when the name contains the sounds “s”, “sh”, “f”, - in general, sizzling. At least, cats react to them.After all, who cares if the cat will not respond to its nickname.

How should be called

  1. Start choosing the name of a kitten boy with an analysis of its appearance: what color is it, what degree of fluffiness. White kitten, for example - “Zephyr”, black - “Morpheus”, red - “Peach”, fluffy - “Pozh”, short-haired or Egyptian - “Sphinx” (note that there are hissing sounds in all names).
  2. The next stage, if you have not picked up the name of your pet, is an analysis of the behavior of a kitten. Calm - "Rocks", shebut - "Shurshik." So you can call the kitten boy.
  3. Another option for giving the name is associated with the profession or hobby of the owner of the animal. The cat of a businessman, for example, may be called "Bucks" or "Funtik." The cat of a man who wants to achieve his main dream as soon as possible - “Everest”, “Oxford”. The programmer's cat is Linux. Pet doctor - "Paracelsus". The football fan's animal is Spartak. Cat teacher of geography - "Atlas".
  4. You can also call the boy's kitten in the name of your favorite hero or artist, just some famous person in history. For example, “Elvis” is quite a pretty name for a melodiously meowing animal.
  5. Some owners prefer to call the cat "cool" to give his nickname a special originality. For example, "Cupcake" or "Whack", "Draft", "Corkscrew" or "Schnapps" - this is for extreme lovers. Do not be afraid to express yourself, show imagination in choosing a name for your pet.
  6. Children can insist on the name for a kitten boy in honor of the beloved hero of the cartoon: “The Hulk”, for example.

How not to call

There are, of course, names or words that should not be called a kitten boy (and indeed, all pets). First, all kinds of insults and insulting nicknames (we will not give examples). Secondly, you cannot use for the names and those words whose meanings can be misunderstood by others. For example, “Fire” or “Atas”, because neighbors or passers-by are unlikely to appreciate the “creative” of your thinking. About this kind of situations, for sure, is also worth thinking about.

How to call a British kitty boy

Recently, the "British" are becoming increasingly popular. They are happy to get into families, but such a solid cat and name must be chosen the right one! Suitable - "Michel", "Porsche", "Niels".Worse options - "Ken", "Claude" (there are no hissing sounds).

Some other breeds

If you purchased a Scottish kitten boy, then you can call him a name associated with Scotland. For example - "Scotty", "Richard". For his serious - or even severe - look: "Xerxes", "Zeus". Lop-eared kitten boy, funny and "bug-eyed", can be called "Glasgow" or "Woof" (in honor of the hero of the same cartoon). Siamese kitten boy name "Siam" or "Tiger." Read more about the list of names for kittens in our article How to name a cat.

In general, maximize your imagination in choosing a nickname for your furry pet, do not stop at the templates, try to come up with something original, unusual. But so that the name fits the kitten-boy. If the animal does not want to respond to the chosen name, before it is too late, think of another one so that your pet will like it and he will thank you with a murmur.

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