How to catch a trout?

Daniil Nechaev
Daniil Nechaev
December 17, 2012
How to catch a trout?

It’s never too late to learn what you don’t know or don’t know! If you, for example, do not know how to catch a trout, it does not matter! We will explain and teach you everything! What is required of you is simply to spare your time and study this article from the first capital letter to the last point!

Trout fishing season

Experienced fishermen advise starting trout fishing from the last days of July until the end of August, as the water is warm enough at this time of the hot months. The food of the trout at this time are insects and nymphs.

The final phase of fishing comes in September, this month the fish behaves actively, feeding on aquatic and terrestrial insects.

Ways to catch

Trout are caught on:

  • Spinning;
  • Float rod;

The most common trout fishing is on spinning with rotating and oscillating lures.

Catch trout on spinning

How to catch trout on spinning? Trout fishing on spinning is more successful at the very beginning of the season. The lure should be thrown upstream and escorted down the river.This way of catching trout is easily explained, as the trout is usually in the water with its head against the current, and our bait will float to meet the fish.

If the current is not fast and the water is clear, then the lures should be replaced with floating wobblers. Throwing spinning from the shore must be carefully, because due to the clear water the trout can easily see the fisherman.

Catch a trout on a float rod

How to catch a trout on a float rod? Trout fishing on a simple float fishing rod is not less interesting. The longer the rod, the better, just be careful with the weight of the fishing rod, do not overdo it, otherwise it will be very inconvenient and problematic to hold it.

On the fishing rod should be used:

  • Fishing line: 0.2-025;
  • Hooks: № 6,7,8;
  • Sinkers 8-9 cm from the hook;


As bait you can use a dung-worm. And the redder the worm, the better. For catching small trout, the bait can be cut into several pieces. Be sure to remember that the worm should be placed so that it completely hides the hook, otherwise the fish will simply bypass your bait.

Do not be upset if the bite disappears after you have caught a few fish. You just have to find another place, but then return to this very place.All this is easily explained. The trout is always in the same place, but from the noise of fishing the fish, it becomes frightened and stops pecking.

Trout fishing is a very interesting and exciting activity, especially if you have come to a rich place of fishing and have already learned how to catch trout. The main thing, do not forget that the trout, in comparison with other fish, is very shy, be careful, attentive, and patient, then biting is guaranteed!

Here came our instructive article how to catch trout to completion. Now you can arm yourself with spinning and fishing poles, baits and baits and take good luck and go ahead! Behind the catch! Good luck to you!

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