How to check vitamin A

Perform a home test for night vision. Vitamin A is involved in the formation of a special pigment - rhodopsin, which reacts to the slightest light effects at dusk. Therefore, reducing the total amount of retinol will weaken your ability to see in the dark.
Take a watch with a stopwatch. From a brightly lit room, go to a completely dark one. Note the time you need to fully restore vision. Your eyes should get used to twilight and distinguish objects well. If it happened after 6 seconds or less, then vitamin A is enough in your body.
Pay attention to the condition of the eyes in winter. If in cold weather you start to cry involuntarily, then the body clearly suffers from a lack of vitamin A. Eyes, especially their corners, are moistened with abundant tears, which means that the retinol does not function well enough to prevent the cornea from drying out.
Examine the skin on your palms and feet. If it is dry and flaky, you need to increase the level of vitamin A in the body. The lack of retinol is also indicated by the presence of cracks in the corners of the mouth, early wrinkles and acne.Retinol activates the processes of regeneration of the skin and healing of minor scratches, cracks, wounds. It is used in many cosmetics and in complex therapy in the treatment of even severe skin diseases, such as psoriasis.
Analyze the general condition of the body. Vitamin A deficiency is indicated by insomnia, loss of appetite, frequent colds, gynecological disorders in women, and erection problems in men. Normal provision of the body with retinol stimulates the immune system and increases resistance to infections.
Assess the color of the skin on the heels and palms. If you find an unnatural orange color, it means that your body suffers from an excess of vitamin A. After the heels of the color change the rest of the body. As a rule, the body does not absorb excess vitamins and displays them on its own. Try to minimize the consumption of retinol. If the symptoms do not disappear every other day, consult a doctor.
Take a blood test for vitamins. This should be done in a specialized laboratory in the direction of the therapist. Blood for analysis will be taken from a vein.In a few days you will receive the result of the study, which will reflect the quantitative content of vitamins and microelements in the blood. In case of confirmation of vitamin A deficiency, do not self-medicate. The correct choice of drugs retinol will help make a doctor.

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