How to cheer up a girl?


In the life of every man there is a girlfriend or the chosen one for whom he is ready to do crazy things, taking stars from the sky and conquering insurmountable peaks. Mutual understanding and moral support, easy and comfortable communication, pleasant company and common interests - the points of contact with a loved one may be different. However, given the social structure of the society of the 21st century, unforeseen events often occur in people's lives, which have a negative effect on their mood and well-being.

How to cheer up a girl?

In this situation, it is important to find out the reason in time in order to prevent a woman from becoming depressed. Low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence, dismissal from a job or a quarrel with parents - a variety of prerequisites that cause stress. What is more rational to do in the current state of affairs? What to say upset lady? What words support a loved one? How to cheer up a girl? Today there are an incredible number of solutions to the problem,with whom a prudent man is recommended to get familiarized in advance.

Guide to Action: Useful Recommendations

If a girlfriend or the chosen one is crying, then you need to calm her down - an unpublished truth that all members of the stronger sex adhere to. However, in certain cases it is more expedient to leave the answer, leaving the woman alone with her own thoughts. Where is this fine line between help and non-participation? Initially, you need to familiarize yourself with general recommendations, through which you will learn how to properly behave with a girl who is in a depressed mood:

Find out the reason that negatively affects the mood of a woman. If she is not inclined to dialogue, then specify the details of recent events with relatives or close friends. Trying to help a person without possessing enough information is an inexpedient decision.
Do not focus on the bad mood and depressive state of the girl, so as not to aggravate the situation. Consider the presence of negative thoughts in a woman, as an accomplished fact with which to cope.
Start a dialogue with a neutral question that does not affect the true problem. The interlocutor should independently express the desire, having informed you of the scale of the trouble. Be patient and listen carefully to the girl, supporting her morally. Do not forget to embrace the woman understandingly, showing her that you are near.
If a person is not disposed to a conversation, then refuse interrogations, trying to get information “forcibly” out of a frustrated girl. In an attempt to help her you can only hurt, misjudged the situation.
Do not aggravate the situation by telling the woman about your own problems. The depressed state of the young lady suggests the presence in the mind of negative emotions, therefore, under such circumstances, “to load” a girl is an irrational choice.
Avoid examples from life that are identical with the scale of events that happened to a woman. With the help of instructive stories you do not support the person, but excite the memory, restoring the details of what happened.
Do not impose your own opinion on the girl, but try to understand the course of her thoughts. If a woman asks for seclusion, then do not refuse such a request.The true state of mind is known only to the young lady, so listening to the words of the ladies is the way to solve the problem.
Show your girlfriend your sympathy and understanding. If she sees support and support in you, you will easily reach an understanding by becoming close friends to each other.
Offer a woman your help, without limiting her choice. She can ask to go to the store for ice cream or pick up a child from kindergarten, refuse assistance or ask about ways to solve the problem - let the girl decide on the scale of your act.

How to cheer up a girl?

Your main task is to help a woman deal with stress by not letting her become depressed. If in a timely manner not to be near, the girl will find the only salvation only in the psychologist's office.

Actual ways: raise the mood of the girl

In order for men who want to cheer up a loved one to become smarter, you need to give up crazy actions that are not related to the moral principles of the girl. If she is afraid of jumping with a parachute, then give up such a venture.Feeling fear of snakes? Trekking to the terrarium is not an option for you. Use the following universal ways to help improve the mood of a woman:

Stay close to the girl, supporting her in various endeavors. If she wants to get distracted by watching her favorite TV show, then make her company. If a woman asks for silence, then hug her and plunge into the realm of "silence."
Gastronomic pleasure is an effective option that helps to raise the mood of the fair sex. Girls are not indifferent to sweets and culinary delights, so a man can please a girlfriend or a chosen one by going to a restaurant. No less relevant is the romantic dinner, which you need to cook yourself. Learn the taste preferences of the young lady to enhance the surprise effect.
Joint planning for the near future, during which the girl will be distracted from pressing problems. Project a vacation, imagine where a woman can enjoy free time. Do not limit yourself to just rest and think about career prospects, identifying tasks and goals that you need to cope with to achieve the desired result.
Invite the girl to a fun event where she will not have time for sadness and longing. Disco or fashionable night party - the best options for spending time. Do not leave the woman alone during the rest, pay attention to her, satisfy your needs and fulfill your wishes - achieve the feeling of a “fairy tale” in the mind of a sad princess.How to cheer up a girl?
Global shopping for 8–10 hours in entertainment centers and shopping malls is an effective way to help improve a girl’s mood. Stop for snacks in restaurants and a cup of hot tea at the coffee shop to avoid the monotonous pastime. Women love to shop - the main thing is to have patience, because a man will have to wait long for a chosen one or a girlfriend near the fitting rooms. The feeling of loneliness will brighten up the enthusiastic emotions of a girl who will like a sophisticated blouse or a new hair curler.
You can distract a woman from pressing problems by watching movies. A man should pick up a comedy work without a deep meaning, to eliminate the risk of raising the problem in the cinema, because of which the girl is experiencing.Visit the cinema or get comfortable on the couch at home by ordering delicious food on the phone - choosing a guy who wants to cheer up a girlfriend or sweetheart.=
Take your time together with your favorite business or hobby of the girl to whom she previously devoted her free time. A walk with a dog in a night city or a trip to a gym, a trip to a woman’s parents or a visit to an amusement park with a child - the choice of an event directly depends on the woman’s individual preferences.
Record the girl in a beauty salon, in advance paying for the services of masters. Let the young lady enjoy a long stay in the "hands" of experienced professionals who will do her manicure and pedicure, change her hair, improve skin condition and offer a new image. Cosmetic procedures invariably increase the mood of girls - a fact, to argue with that is useless.
A bad mood is a weighty reason to be left alone with your own thoughts, deal with goals for the future and streamline the information that is present in your mind. If a girl wants to enjoy solitude, then give her the opportunity.Take a break from each other for this period of time, get bored and resume communication with new charges of strength and emotions.
Give the girl a relaxing massage or present a coupon to the SPA center, where professional manual therapists will provide this service. Relaxation is a reliable way to help get rid of negative thoughts and improve your mood.
If you are in a love relationship with a woman, then there is another effective way - have sex with your chosen one. In the process of intimacy, try to please the girl by satisfying her innermost desires. During sex in the body of a woman, hormones of “happiness” are secreted to help improve mood, so there is no reason to talk about the feasibility of such an event.
Prepare a surprise for the girl she long dreamed of. Bad mood is a weighty argument to fulfill the cherished desire of a loved one. Romantic dinner or parachute jumping, buying a new phone or traveling together in a hot country - the main thing is that the gift should come as a surprise to the woman.

How to cheer up a girl?

In choosing a joint occupation,with which you plan to change the state of mind of a girl, take into account her taste preferences. An important factor is the education of young ladies. A man who wants to change the course of events leads a woman to a football stadium, guided by the importance of the upcoming match. The event must meet the needs of the girl, so the guys will have to forget about their own hobbies.

Options for positive SMS messages

If you do not have the opportunity to be near a girl to comfort a person with warm words, then you can support a woman through SMS. Before sending an e-mail, read the abundance of text options, choosing the optimal format for communication:

Friendly support.

Example: “I am infinitely sure that I am familiar with a strong spirit and persistent character of a girl. They say that recently unpleasant situations have occurred. Tell her, please, that I believe in her - she will definitely cope! ”


Example: “For such a girl, men must conquer peaks by shooting stars from the sky! You are an angel descending to earth from heaven.Smile more often, because of your mood depends the fate of many guys. "

A meaningless phrase that lifts the mood.

Example: "This morning I lost my keys to the house, so I could not find a place for myself all day. Can you imagine where I left them? At the door! They hung in the front door for almost a day! I think it's time to seek help from a psychologist ... Do you have something new? ".

Interesting news.

Example: “I received two tickets today for a Madonna concert. I am sitting in a restaurant now and thinking: Who should I go to the event with? You have no options? Need a beautiful, intelligent and intelligent girl like you. I will not consider candidates with other personal characteristics! ”

Unexpected recognition.

Example: “I am writing this message to a tender and beautiful, intelligent and talented girl. Do you know her? She has been pretty to me for a long time, but I didn’t find a reason to confess my own feelings. What do you advise to do?

Help offer.

Example: “I heard rumors that you quit and are in search of work. If my informers do not cheat, then I will be pleased to invite such a professional to my company! What do you say?".

Uncomplicated verse with understandable overtones.

Example: “Between light and darkness - Stay by yourself! Problems and hardships will go away - All will heal well again! ”.


Example: “I found out that someone hit a car in the parking process. Do not worry, I have some familiar repairers - they will quickly and inexpensively restore damaged items. The main thing, smile! Have you agreed? ”

How to cheer up a girl?

Support sweetheart (wow).

Example: “I trust you and I know that together we will cope with problems of various scales. You can always rely on me, honey! Soon I will come and hug you, and we will definitely come up with a way out of this situation - be sure! ”

The result of the above recommendations is peace of mind and balance, which are incompatible with negative thoughts and a depressed mood. Your girlfriend or darling smiles and enjoys life, which means that the effort and time spent are expendable resources with which you could achieve your cherished goal.

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