How to choose a broncho-pulmonary sanatorium

How to choose a sanatorium for children

Broncho-pulmonary sanatoriums are a great place to treat and rehabilitate patients.
This method of therapy is especially important for the children's body. To choose the right broncho-pulmonary sanatorium for children, you must follow certain rules.
First, the sanatorium should be located away from major cities, highways and industrial enterprises, closer to the forest. This provides more clean air in the area.
Secondly, various non-medical methods of treatment should be used in the sanatorium itself. These include inhalations, physiotherapy, oxygen cocktails, balneotherapy, therapeutic baths, massage, aromatherapy, light therapy, and others.
Thirdly, in such institutions should work qualified medical personnel who correctly conduct all the necessary procedures.
Fourthly, an optimal psychological atmosphere, warmth and comfort should be created for children. It is desirable that next to the sanatorium were ponds, forest, mountains.The climate (temperature, humidity) is also very important. In sanatoriums, diseases such as bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia are treated.

How to choose a sanatorium for adults

Most often in the broncho - pulmonary sanatoriums, not adults, but adults, rest and heal. There are also such institutions where there are separate buildings: family, adult, children's, divided among themselves. For example, one of these most famous resorts is the "Eaglet". It is located in the Crimea and is very popular. In addition to diseases of the respiratory system, diseases of the nervous system and gynecological pathology are treated there. That is, it is a multi-resort.
Of great importance when choosing a sanatorium for adults is the presence of the main methods of treatment of pulmonary pathology: hydrotherapy, massage, acupuncture, homeopathy.
When choosing a broncho-pulmonary sanatorium, its equipment is also important: the presence of artesian water, catering, the presence of sports and recreational activities and much more. Most sanatoria of this type are free, but the number of free places is limited.
Broncho-pulmonary sanatorium is a great place not only to recover from diseases of the respiratory system, but also to strengthen your health, enjoy the fresh air, nature and have a good rest.

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