How to choose a gate to the cottage?

Main functiongate for giving- protect the territory from outside penetration. At the same time, not only the functional, but also the aesthetic aspect is important. Properly matched to the exterior, they can decorate the area no matter how complicated their design is. All the gates used for the arrangement of suburban areas can be divided into simple and combined depending on their modification.

The choice of country gate

The most frequently chosen gates of the following types: sliding, swing, lifting. However, not all of them are equally well suited for the dacha area. Country products are characterized by low intensity of use and are installed in the fence. Therefore, the lifting structure will be an unfortunate choice, it is better to stop either at the swing or retractable ones, and lift the rest for the garage.

What else to look for when choosing:

  • weight is better if the country gate is light, it will greatly simplify the operation
  • reliability - dacha without excesses during operation is expected from the dacha gates, so the choice should be made in favor of repeatedly proven decisions
  • fittings - simple and light fittings, which, if necessary, easy to replace, that's what you need to give
  • appearance - the best option will be designs that fit perfectly into the fence and will be in harmony with the surrounding landscape both inside and outside

In short, the ideal gate to give should be light, strong, with a simple design. It is on the basis of these criteria that a modification should be chosen.

Swing gates

If you buy a swing gate, it will be the most constructively simple and proven solution over the years. Most often they use double-wing swing gates: they just open, they are reliable, they serve for a long time, while the variety of finishing materials allows you to count on almost any appearance.

Gates of oar type are made of metal profile, corrugated, siding, there are elegant options with wood trim. At the same time, they are easily decorated with various patterns at the request of the owner: for example, you can depict a coat of arms or emblem, decorate the gate with metal fittings.

The cost of swinging gates depends on the material and complexity of the finish, design, and shape.Original constructive solutions are possible: gates made under the arched opening, or with a built-in passage in one of the wings.

The main advantage of swing gates is ease of use. By supplying the swing gates with an automatic drive, you can make the process of opening and closing the gate even easier. They can be opened both outside and inside with one click of the remote control button. The only requirement for arranging the swing door construction is the availability of free space on the side where the gate should open.

Sliding gates

Automatic sliding doors do not require additional space, as they open into the fence. This is one of the main advantages, but not the only one. Retractables occupy a minimum of space, they always look aesthetically and compactly, are easily controlled and reliably protected from external influences. They easily tolerate changes in the weather and are suitable for the local climate.

Management of rolling products is carried out with the help of automation. Modern manufacturers offer a lot of simple but reliable solutions for automatic drive, which make the drive quiet and fast, and management is as simple as possible for humans.

The cost of rolling constructions depends on the material from which they are made, the design, the complexity of the automatic control system. You can always choose both economy and premium version of the gate, whether they are hinged or retractable.

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