How to choose a good bandage for pregnant women?

When a woman only learns about her new situation, she practically doesn’t change, she can calmly wear her favorite clothes for several months, despite the fact that a new life is already developing inside.

But from the middle of the second trimester, the forms gradually begin to round off, the tummy grows every day and, if at first it gives only joy, then after another month or two, there is great fatigue, more and more pulls back and legs swell, and the strength to wear a decent puziko is required more and more.

Useful thing

It turns out that during this period, the future mom can relieve her suffering a little, especially for this, a bandage for pregnant women was invented.

Over time, every future mother will be interested in the question of how to choose a bandage for pregnant women, because, as practice shows, this is not so easy to do. And in general, I would like to figure out whether to buy it, because on this occasion there is still a lot of controversy, both among expectant mothers and among professionals. In order to understand this question for yourself, it is necessary to understand, why do you need a bandage?

What functions does it perform? Due to the fact that it is made of elastic matter, it, first of all, supports the constantly tense muscles of the back and the constantly increasing abdomen.

With each month of pregnancy, the load increases, which leads to increased fatigue, frequent lower back pain, as a result, the expectant mother’s active lifestyle becomes too tough.

A bandage is a device that supports the growing tummy, with its help the load is distributed correctly over the entire back, as a result of which the pains decrease, and the woman feels much more comfortable.

In addition, due to its special design, the bandage supports the muscles of the abdominal cavity, preventing their excessive stretching and the appearance of hated stretch marks. In particular, it can be useful for those women who did not play sports before pregnancy, which is why their weak muscles can not withstand such a load and sag.

When, after childbirth, it is necessary to put the body in order and restore the tone of the weakened muscles, again a bandage comes to the rescue, which, not worse than any physical culture, does the task.

What are the?

All bandages are divided into antenatal, postnatal and universal. Each of them can be represented by several species, which can differ in shape, material and, naturally, price.

Handy thing

Which of the existing options should be chosen depends only on the future mother herself, the conditions for using the bandage, and the physiological characteristics of the woman. To make a start solely on the price of the product is not the most correct option: even the most expensive bandage may not be suitable, for example, in form or style.

Exactly the same way as buying the cheapest option from the calculation that you will not be wearing it for long anyway, is also wrong, because such a device must be of high quality and made from natural materials.

Prenatal bandages

  • Bandage panties. Externally made in the form of ordinary panties with a high waist and elastic under the belly. As the tummy increases, the ribbon will stretch, fixing its new position. The bandage pants have to be worn in the prone position, since it is in this position that the abdominal muscles are as relaxed as possible and can be better fixed.Because of this, it may not always be convenient, especially if the expectant mother is working or leading an active lifestyle. However, for such ladies, models with buttons are already being released so that you can go to the toilet without completely removing the bandage.
  • Belt. Probably the most popular model, which has the appearance of an elastic belt with velcro, allowing a woman to choose the degree of abdominal fixation. What is convenient, it does not have to constantly remove to go to the toilet or adjust the degree of makeup. It is very important to choose the right size, otherwise he runs the risk of constantly crawling, rubbing and frowning.
  • Universal models. A big plus of such models is that they can be worn, both before and after childbirth. Externally represented by a ribbon, wide on one side and narrower on the other. Before childbirth, it is worn on the broad side of the back, and after it is born - on the wide side of the stomach. This type of bandage is especially suitable for women with severe back pain, because the wide part of the belt, well-fitting to the back, provides considerable support. The disadvantage of such models is that they are often quite voluminous and can be strongly visible from under the clothes.

Postnatal bandages, exactly like the previous type, can be represented by models with panties or with a belt; wearing such a device after childbirth allows a young mommy to more easily transfer the load associated with postpartum recovery.

The bandage belt is sometimes prescribed after cesarean section to form the correct scar, in addition, it well retracts the abdomen and waist. Such a bandage belt is recommended to be worn immediately several hours after delivery, which helps to equalize the pressure in the abdomen.

Bandage belt

The bandage-pants is very comfortable to wear, it emphasizes the waist well and tightens the stomach, there are even models made in the form of a corset with special bones on the ribs, which create an even more slender visual silhouette.

Bandage pants

Today, manufacturers produce improved and modern models: with ryushechkami, different colors and shades, in the form of shorts and even in the form of strings! Of course, it is difficult to say anything about the benefits of the latter, however, they can become a very useful thing for special exits in dresses made of delicate matter.

How to choose?

First of all, rememberSuch things must be purchased exclusively in pharmacies or in specialized stores for expectant mothers, where you must be provided with several different models. Be sure to try on each of them, choose the one in which you feel most comfortable.

Be sure to pay attention to the fasteners and Velcro: if it is a bandage-panties, then it is better that they were, so they are much more convenient to put on and take off.

Look at the composition: it is important that it consists of natural materials, most of the cotton and, of course, some microfiber, for elasticity.


It is not recommended to buy a bandage in online stores, because guessing with size and model is very difficult. Also, they are not recommended to buy used bandages, because if they have already been in operation, they will not be able to keep your stomach at the required level of fixation.

After buying such a device, the first time you may feel some discomfort, but with the right thing chosen, after a week it should completely evaporate.

How to wear?

It is very important that you feel comfortable: if the child is constantly pushed, and you feel constant inconvenience, it is better to remove such a bandage and, probably, not to wear it at all.

Remember that you can not wear it constantly, every 2-3 hours socks need to do a short break, about 30-60 minutes. Wear a bandage, especially if it is made in the form of panties, it is better on your underwear or stockings.

Lowered version

And one more thing: in spite of all the positive feedback from friends and acquaintances, you shouldn’t give yourself a bandage sock because it’s not always appropriate, especially if there are any problems during pregnancy.

For example, such a device may be contraindicated if the mother has a gastrointestinal illness or if the fetus did not take the correct position before the beginning of the 30th week.

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