How to choose a good stroller for twins

Twins are special people who are connected by absolutely everything. It is interesting that they can not even be born in one day, the history knows such cases. Moreover, twins can have different biological fathers.

Achievements of modern medicine allow to give birth for 1 time 5 and even 6 children. But what family will decide on such a brave step? The birth of 2 children is already a difficult situation, which involves a completely different approach, in contrast to the birth of 1 child in a family. The first thing you need to worry about - the choice of a comfortable stroller for kids.

By what criteria you need to choose a stroller for twins?

In Russian stores, the choice of strollers for twins is small, in particular this applies to small cities. Of the 2,683 different strollers presented in Moscow, a total of 52 strollers for twins, according to the product catalog. Sellers say that the demand for them is scanty, but the price is high. Some models can stand in the store for several years, until there is a buyer.

  1. The price of the stroller in 99% of cases is directly proportional to its quality.Double loading assumes only one term of operation therefore it is extremely not recommended to buy second-hand carriages. Double load on all the mechanisms of the stroller provokes rapid wear.
  2. Weight of the stroller. Most of the parents in order to facilitate transportation (in the car, in the elevator) prefer to buy strollers with reduced weight. Of course, this makes sense, but in this case there will not be a long-term and full-fledged operation. The weight of the stroller should be such that it can withstand the total weight of two children of 15-20 kg.
  3. Dimensions. At an impressive weight, the dimensions of the stroller for twins can be large enough that it will not allow them to pass through the elevator opening. Before buying you need to know the dimensions of the front door, the luggage compartment of the car, the elevator.
  4. Terms of Use. You must guess in what terrain the stroller will be operated. For Russian roads, it is recommended to buy a model with the largest wheels that provide good maneuverability and good maneuverability.
  5. Presence of a folding mechanism. Buying a double stroller, almost all are faced with the problem of storage. It is very important to have a folding mechanism that can somehow reduce the size of the stroller.

Which model is better for twins?

Despite the fact that the Russian market does not offer the widest choice, you can still find a suitable model for your children. There are several models available on the market:

  • classics (children are on the same level next to each other);How to choose a good stroller for twins
  • model "train" (children are located one after another);kak-vybrat-kolyasku-dlya-dvojnyashek-2
  • the model “opposite each other” (children face each other).kak-vybrat-kolyasku-dlya-dvojnyashek-3

The most accessible is the first model, the range of which allows you to choose, unlike the other two samples. In this case, the blocks are placed frontally. When buying such a model, you need to share, that they are much wider than the rest. This characteristic allows you to pass difficult sections of the road without any difficulties. The standard width of the wheelbase is 80-85 cm.


What is comfortable classic model?

Classics is appropriate always and everywhere. Therefore, it is also called universal. In addition, it has the following characteristics:

  1. The model is very convenient for parents in matters of supervision of the kids. The children themselves are not “disadvantaged” in their rights and have an equivalent review.
  2. The classic model for twins can have 3 or 4 wheels. For greater stability, experts recommend using 4-wheeled models.
  3. Particular attention should be paid to transformer strollers, when each cradle and each seat has the ability to be adjusted. For example, one child can sleep in a cradle, and the second one can sit in a chair.
  4. Special requirements are imposed on the frame and chassis. It is better that they are made of light but durable materials that can withstand double the load.
  5. Pay attention to the length of the cradles. Unscrupulous manufacturers can save on materials, producing short models in which the grown-up kids will not feel comfortable.
  6. The presence of viewing windows can be attributed to one of the primary indicators. During bad weather, the child should not feel "like in a box". Having a viewing window solves the problem.

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