How to choose a hair straightener by hair type

Regardless of the type of hair, the straightener must be chosen with the possibility of independent temperature change. The thermostat allows you to set the desired mode of heating plates ironing. The temperature range supported by many modern rectifiers is 100-240 ° C. It is desirable to straighten dyed hair with a moderate degree of heating, since they are very sensitive to hot styling methods. Protective agent is selected individually. It is necessary to take into account the structure and type of hair.

For weak and thin hair it is recommended to set the minimum temperature, for curly and hard - medium or maximum. Be sure to use heat-resistant styling tools for styling.

An important criterion when choosing is the coating of the heating plates. For example, low-end models are presented for the most part with metal heating elements.Such straighteners are contraindicated for thin, weak, inclined to cross-section hair, because they burn them strongly, regardless of the presence of a temperature regulator. But much curly curls they can straighten, if you choose the right styling tool for hot styling.

The safest and recommended hairdressers for all types of hair are irons with teflon, ceramic, tourmaline coating plates. First, the heating occurs evenly, which ensures proper straightening without any extra effort. Secondly, the slip on the hair is easier, which gives them extra shine. It is worth noting that the ceramic coating is very susceptible to styling products, so it is necessary to wipe the plates every time after use.

Narrow plates are well suited for straightening hair of any length. The broad ones cope with their main task much faster. However, they are not very comfortable for hair that is shorter than 20 cm.

Owners of weak and split ends should pay attention to the model with the possibility of ionization.Many modern irons are already equipped with this useful feature. The meaning of ionization is that during heat treatment the hair is additionally covered with a protective ionic layer, which allows you to restore the water balance. As a result, strands become smooth, shiny, resistant to electrification.

For unruly and curly hair, irons with a steam treatment function are suitable. This not only helps reduce the risk of curls at high humidity environment, but also gently, effectively and quickly straighten strands. In order to save time and reduce the level of heat exposure on hair of any type, you should pay attention to models that are suitable for working with a wet hairstyle. Additionally, it is not necessary to dry the head with a hair dryer, since the iron with such a function copes with two tasks at once. First, gently dries hair. Secondly, straightens them.

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