How to choose a new building

Choosing an apartment in newly built neighborhoods is much more difficult than in the secondary housing market. View banners on the streets of the city, examine ads in city print publications or online portals of this direction - this is only the beginning of a long journey. Relying on the opinions of neighbors and relatives is also not particularly worth it. The quality of your future housing and your life in it depends on how seriously you take to study the real estate market, companies providing such services, reviews about them and the “product” that they offer.


The choice of housing begins with the choice of the area where it is located. Someone prefers to live in the city center, and someone - in a residential area. Someone important is the presence of metro stations, city transport stops, and someone - a kindergarten or school within walking distance. These important parameters affect the choice of the builder or seller of finished new buildings. When you first visit the office, you need to clarify all the details, ask to show a detailed plan-scheme of the neighborhood, where you can see the location of all the objects important to you.

The characteristics of the dwelling

Before buying, you need to determine exactly how many rooms you want to have, what size the kitchen should be, whether the bathroom and the bathroom and other similar “little things” will be combined. Do not rely solely on the technical documentation provided by the seller. Ask to show you the apartment, look at it, plan the placement of furniture, check the work of water and electricity. Take this moment as much attention as possible. If a company representative is pushing you - this is not a sign of good housing and a successful purchase, and you will most likely have to give it up.

Cost of

Do not rush to sign the contract of sale. Even if you are satisfied with the first two points listed above, postpone the conclusion of the contract for 3-5 days. During this time, review the conditions that are provided by other developers in the area, compare prices, read reviews of those who have already used the services of your prospective partners. It will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the work of the HOA and the management company that serve this area. If you intend to buy a home on credit or installments, then it is necessary to study in detail the conditions under which they are provided and to talk with a representative of the bank providing this service.

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