How to choose a welding wire

Our grandfathers began to use welding wire in the early 20th century, because it was at this time that welding became popular. In the 20th century in the USSR there was a bright rise in industrial production, hired labor became necessary. In this regard, the country needed a lot of equipment and materials.

Wire used in welding, is powder and solid. Solid wire may have an aluminum, stainless or copper-coated surface.

It is worthwhile to choose powder wrap when the product is under high pressure, to undergo tangible loads. The cored wire will provide high strength and invulnerability from high temperature.

If the process of your work consists in welding low-alloyed steel, then purchase copper-coated wire. It is this wire that will protect the product from diffusion for a long time.

For aluminum welding you need to take aluminum welding wire.The strength of this material is high, and in addition to this, the brightness of the wire will last for a long time. The product, welded using aluminum wire, will look very aesthetically pleasing and neat for a long time.

If the main thing for you is quality, high strength and reliability, then choose the wire where the phosphorus content is minimal.

The diameter and size of any welding wire depends on the thickness of the metal that will be involved in the work. The thicker the metal sheet, the thicker the wire should be.

Pay attention to the surface of the welding wire, it should be perfect. If you see dirt, rust or roughness, immediately refuse to buy. Work with high-quality wire will go quietly. If during welding the material begins to boil, splashing, then it is better to stop the process.

From now on you will know which wire to choose. There is only one question left - the cost question. The price of welding wire can reach 3,000 rubles for a skein. It is a decent wire can be purchased for 500 rubles.

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