How to choose an evening dress at the prom? (16 pictures)

In each girl's life comes a turning point, when one stage comes to an end, and the other is very close and looms brightly on the other side. Graduation is the case when childhood, study, sleepless nights over difficult coursework or dissertations have been left behind, and something new and unusual awaits ahead.

It does not matter what your graduation ceremony, at school or university, is a celebration regarding the protection of a diploma or the end of some courses, in any case, it is always an important and solemn event that will be remembered for a lifetime and, in consequence, will be remembered with tender thrill and easy longing. That is why it is so important to feel irresistible, tender, attractive and, especially, adult in such a day.


Many girls, who are gradually approaching such an exciting event, have a lot of questions, one of which is how to choose an evening dress?

After all, it plays the main violin in your image and, first of all, it will emphasize all your virtues, make you irresistible, but, of course, only if it is chosen correctly.

Bet on style

As we have said, graduation is a special evening, which is interesting, the tradition to celebrate graduation came to us from the United States, there, in the 30s-40s of the last century, they marked the transition to adult life, but only in elite colleges.

Fresh look

Over time, proms became more and more popular and today we no longer imagine what could be otherwise. The new and bright prom dress has already become a kind of symbol of an adult and independent stage of life.

Important points

As practice and experience of numerous predecessors shows, in order to really look like from the cover of a fashion magazine of evening fashion 2015, you will have to work hard on your image.

It is necessary to begin training in advance, for several weeks or in the last couple of days before graduation you simply risk not choosing the dress of your dreams, you will have to be content with what is left on the shelves of stores.

Belt emphasis

It is necessary to take into account that advertised models of dresses in glossy magazines or on mannequins in shop windows can look just perfect, but when it comes to real fittings, the situation begins to go beyond the desired: the style does not fit, then the color, then at the waist converges or chest large.


Despite the fact that the graduation party does not require a special dress code from its participants, it’s still necessary to follow certain rules, because this is not the red carpet at the Oscar ceremony and not the wedding.


Since this evening is dedicated to the occasion of the completion of some regular educational stage, it should correspond to the event: deep cleavage and frank cuts are irrelevant here, exactly like excessive makeup or super-sparkling decor.

In the rest - the complete freedom of action, color, length or finish can be any, which will be limited only by your character and look at the event. Of course, it is precisely on this day that one wants to “dissolve the wings”, to appear before classmates or behind all these dreams, it is very important to be yourself.

Pink in fashion

Choosing a dress on the figure

As we have said, if you want to look perfect, then the fees must be started in advance, and to avoid major mistakes, sensibly evaluate your own figure. Of course, young and skater girls can easily experiment with the most unexpected options, long or short, skinny or with a train - anything.


But the ideal figure is a loose and rather rare concept, and according to this, if you cannot choose your own among the options offered in the stores, then it may be worth looking towards the individual tailoring of an evening dress.

For example, is your fault short and full legs? Then we select the elongated hem and stand on high heels. Your weak point is the waist, or rather, its absence? We select a style with a wide belt at the waist or with a corset that can correct irregular shapes.


Volumetric thighs are easily hidden behind light, flowing and flowing skirts of pleasant colors, and a corset or wide contrast insert at the waist will emphasize favorably and visually enlarge the chest.

If the breast volume is quite small, then it is better to pick up dresses with skilful draperies that visually add volume to it.Full hands can always be covered with a light cape, and the busty breast emphasizes the cleavage, though, the main thing is that it doesn’t look too intrusive.


Long or short?

This moment torments many girls, because a beautiful long dress is the ultimate dream that can only be put on for a solemn occasion, and the graduation dress is perfect for this! On the other hand, a short dress can emphasize the youth and slimness of your body, why hide beautiful and young legs per kilogram of opaque fabric?

Length and color

Short dress is especially justified if you are waiting for graduation at school or high school, because scenarios of such events usually include a large number of mobile competitions and dances. All this implies a vigorous and active pastime, which will be strongly shackled by long skirts.


On the other hand, a long and spectacular evening dress is a great way to appear before the male half of your fellow students in a bright way, which is especially important at an institute or university, where the format of the event is somewhat different from the school.

For slender girls

Depending on the type of figure and the venue, you can pick up luxurious models of the mermaid style with a full skirt that look extremely sophisticated on young and young graduates.Also particularly popular are elegant models with variable length hem, which is very convenient for dancing and active evenings.

How to choose the color of the dress?

Of course, the style and length are very important points when choosing a dress, but the color of the model is not far behind them, because it is he who can turn you into a bright and memorable lady or, on the contrary, into a gray and inconspicuous mouse. How to choose the perfect outfit?

For brave girls

It all depends on skin tone, eye color and hair, for example, dark brown-haired girls will face dresses of gold, bronze, beige and peach shades.

But the blond beauty with pale skin can safely choose the color aqua, turquoise, blue, green, emerald green, black or red. Red-haired girls will be best dressed in yellow, orange, copper and dark blue or green shades.

Like kara

There are colors with which you need to be more careful at the prom: when purchasing a white dress for such an event, take care not to look like a bride in it.


Very spectacular black models are also not suitable for everyone, moreover, on such a bright and young holiday they may look gloomy.Red colors are also very complex and individual, among dozens of shades you need to choose a special, so to speak, "your" color.

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