How to choose clothes for feeding

The benefits of special clothing

In ordinary clothes (especially dresses) to feed a child in a public place is very uncomfortable. You will have to look for a secluded place where no one will interfere with you, and this may become a non-trivial task. However, special clothing allows you to feed the child almost anywhere, keep the intimacy of the process and comply with all propriety.
Buying clothes for nursing mothers should begin with the selection of the right bra with detachable straps. Such bras should be made of natural cotton fabric, support the chest well and have wide straps that distribute the load well.
Picking up the right bra for feeding, you can proceed to the selection of the clothes. Usually dresses and blouses for nursing mothers consist of several layers that can be shifted relative to each other. Modern manufacturers successfully mask these layers and special valves, so that in appearance the clothes for feeding often do not differ from the usual.
Please note that the bodice of a dress or blouse should not squeeze the chest, it is better to choose loose fitting things. Draw on the options on the model of natural fabric, preferably soft, slightly stretching jersey. It fits well on the figure and facilitates access to the chest.

Winter and summer

For the summer period, light, loose dresses, which are very comfortable to wear, showed themselves best. If you have not yet recovered from childbirth, choose long models with a high waistline, they will help to hide problematic legs and abdomen.
For the cold season it is best to buy special tops for nursing mothers, preference should be given knitwear and cotton things, but you can pay attention to the soft knit sweaters. A variety of blouses and tops are easy to combine with a bolero or sweatshirts, which you can buy in a regular store, they create an additional warming layer of clothing, but at the same time do not obstruct access to the chest.
Remember that the fabric of your clothes should be pleasant to the touch, because your child will come into contact with it, so preference should be given to natural materials that will not cause irritation or allergic reactions.
If it seems to you that special clothes still do not provide you with adequate comfort and a sense of privacy, even if it’s illusory, get a big shawl with which you can cover the baby during feeding.

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