How to choose jeans for pregnant women

Wide pants, of course, will hide an interesting position, but at the same time they will hang, attracting the attention of others with their absurdity. But today is not the only option. There are special jeans that allow a pregnant woman to feel her attractiveness and not be afraid for the welfare of the baby.
Their main difference from the usual ones is in a special cut of the top, equipped with elastic inserts and drawstrings. They help jeans to grow with the tummy, so some pants are enough for the entire duration of pregnancy. In these jeans does not appear discomfort when walking and sitting due to the fact that the edge of the hard part does not press on the stomach. Bottom pants quite comfortable and free. They promote free circulation, preventing the appearance of edema and varicose veins.
Choosing jeans for pregnant women, pay attention to the details, because All pants are significantly different from each other.Moreover, the choice is strictly individual: what suits one may not like the other at all. Trying on jeans in the store, be sure to try to walk around and sit down to make sure that they do not press down on the lower abdomen. Even the feeling of a small pressure is a sign that such pants do not suit you, because with the growth of the abdomen the pressure will increase.
Acquire the same size that you had before pregnancy, because jeans can transform into a pregnant woman. Pay attention to the fit of such a thing, which may be different and have different inserts.
Jeans with a fit "on the stomach" are considered versatile and probably the most comfortable. They are ideal for any period, even with multiple pregnancies. In addition, they in a sense play the role of a bandage, which has a good effect on the course of pregnancy, and also perfectly protects from wind and cold.
Jeans with planting "under the belly" are comfortable in the early stages. Their difference from the usual concluded that instead of a zipper they have a comfortable elastic band.
Jeans with “side panels” look almost the same as usual.The only difference lies in the inner side insert, allowing pants to take the shape of the abdomen.

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