How to choose measuring instruments for repair and construction

All the tools listed below allow to carry out all the finishing work with high quality, thereby having a significant impact on the repair and construction process.

1. Electrical moisture meters. These devices are used to determine the moisture content of wood, and the principle of their work is explained by a change in the electrical conductivity of wood after the level of its moisture also changes. In order to take a measurement, the needles of this device are stuck into the wood at a short distance from each other, after which the scale of the moisture is shown on the scale of the device as a percentage. Thanks to this device, the quality of parquet and carpentry works is significantly increased, since wet wood warps as it dries out and gaps form on it, which have not yet appeared when installing wet wood.

2. Adhesimeters.These devices are designed so that you can determine the level of adhesion, that is, the adhesion strength of the paintwork in the surface intended for its application. This adhesion may depend on a number of factors: the thickness of the coating, the forces of internal adhesion of the coating and wood, on the qualities and properties of the applied coating. As you know, different finishing materials have different levels of adhesion, and therefore the use of many paintwork materials (especially imported ones) requires carrying out such measurements, since a wide range of such products causes inevitable doubts about the suitability of an analogue.

3. Microhardness testers. These instruments are used to measure the hardness of paint coatings, which in turn determines the resistance of this coating to the penetration of an undeformed body into it, and this index is measured in the dimension of the pressure Mpa. The hardness of the coating is directly determined by the properties of the paint coating, and similar measurements are usually made on special control samples of wood made from a raw material with dimensions of 120x90 mm.During such measurements, it is possible to use devices other than microhardness testers, but the main condition is the possibility of a smooth load application in increments of 0.2 N.

4. Gardner device. It is used in the case when it is necessary to determine the abrasion resistance of the paintwork. This device itself is a meter glass tube having an inner diameter of 20-30 mm. Directly under this tube, place the test specimen at an angle of 45 °, after which a jet of quartz sand flows into the tube from a funnel with a diameter of 5 mm. Resistance itself is determined by how much sand was spent on abrading a certain coating film.

5. Reflectoscope. It is used to determine the degree of gloss of coatings; thanks to this instrument, it is possible to accurately assess the surface quality of a brilliant lacquer coating, which in turn is determined by the clarity of the contours of the luminous body on such a coating. Any paint and varnish coating in one degree or another is capable of creating brilliance, that is, reflecting parallel rays of light falling on it, and this property is directly related to optics (absorption and refraction coefficient of the light), as well as the surface structure of this coating.And the more smooth the coating, the more directional and correct will be the rays of light reflected from this coating, that is, it will create a greater brilliance.

6. Digital inclinometer. This device allows you to accurately measure the angle of any surface, and it is used to determine the slope angles of floors, floors and plumbing communications. These devices are distinguished by maximum simplicity and convenience, and do not require any special skills to operate.

7. Digital Roulette. It is an electronic analogue of the usual roulette, and very accurately allows you to determine the distance and length.

8. The ultrasonic range finder. Instead of it, an ultrasonic range finder can also be used, which in addition to the non-contact length measurement also allows the calculation of volumes and areas. This device has a built-in computing device, and it allows calculating volumes and areas, and also has the function of memory and folding of these results.

9. Digital instrument for the detection of metals. This device is used when it is necessary to detect non-ferrous and ferrous metals (metal mortgages and various kinds of communications),and in addition, it also allows you to accurately determine the location of the hidden electrical wiring under voltage.
The number of such devices increases from year to year, and in the process of repair and construction they are widely used.

In this article, you were introduced to all major types of measuring instruments for repair and construction. On the site you can buy laser devices for building a house and not only.

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