How to choose stylish gloves

Beautiful gloves have become a popular female accessory since ancient times, and to this day, most women hardly imagine the autumn or winter season without these irreplaceable "helpers." And this is natural, because the beauty of women's hands is the criterion by which one can estimate not only the degree of girl's grooming, but also, so to speak, her real age.

The skin of the hands is very delicate and thin, it is necessary to take care of and protect it, because everyday factors, such as weather conditions and household worries, very quickly lead the hands to “worthlessness”. But the gloves, just the same can be a worthy defenders from the cold wind and rain, but this is not their only dignity.

How to choose the right gloves

As you know, gloves can be a good and attractive element of a female image, some perfectly complement any evening and solemn style, while others are an indispensable everyday thing that adds a touch of romanticism and elegance, if, of course, you know how to choose gloves correctly.

To understand how women's gloves are an important and indispensable subject of women's toilets, it is worth referring to the history of their occurrence, and they have a fairly rich and long.

The first gloves appeared in Ancient Egypt, where they could only be worn by privileged people, the gloves were without fingers and looked like a pouch, which was intercepted by a braid on the wrist.

But during the Middle Ages, they acquired not only decorative meaning, but also acquired a protective function, they were sheathed with thick leather and metal inserts, such gloves should have been in the arsenal of any self-respecting knight.

But a little later, the gloves became collectible, it was indecent for the ladies to appear on the street and in society without them, they always had to hide their hands from prying eyes and the burning sun. In those days, they became truly jewelry works of art, they were made of expensive materials, and also decorated with precious stones and embroidery.

Can't do without gloves in autumn

In our times, gloves, in fact, carry out the same functions as before: protect and decorate. Only, of course, they have long been adapted to modern society,they, as well as other items of the women's wardrobe, are modified in accordance with the fashionable canons and preferences.

What should be the right gloves?

It is believed that the classic gloves should slightly cover the wrists, this form is really universal, because this length is perfectly combined with a jacket or coat of any model, the main thing is to choose the right color and material.

Also, often, girls can not decide with which clothing should glove gloves, or, perhaps, they are quite self-sufficient?

The classic of the genre is a color combination of gloves with shoes and a handbag, but recently exquisite fashionable women break down stereotypes and create new combinations: a combination of gloves with a scarf, headdress or any other notable accessory.

Another option - gloves can be the only bright detail in the whole image, for example, a black coat, black boots and bright red gloves.

Gloves can be distinguished depending on the material from which they are made, and depending on their shape and exterior decor. Gloves can be made of leather, suede, wool, satin or silk,However, the most common and practical gloves are made of genuine leather, since such products usually do not fail for a long time, and also look great on women's hands.

The most commonly used is chevret, or, in other words, sheep skin, which has a fairly loose and soft structure, but outwardly these gloves look pretty good.

But leather gloves made of lycra are considered the most noble and high-quality among leather counterparts, a special dressing contributes to their extraordinary elasticity, which affects the duration of their socks, as well as an elegant and harmonious appearance.

Long gloves look elegant

Gloves made of suede are considered the warmest, but they wear out pretty quickly, they need proper care, but at the same time they are extremely elegant. Knitted and woolen gloves are always warm and cozy, they are perfectly combined with a winter down jacket or jacket, besides there are many bright and positive ones among them, which can not but rejoice in cold and gray weather.

How to choose autumn and winter gloves?

When buying gloves, they should always be measured, because they are sewn according to one standard, and everyone's hands are different.Gloves should not be pressed in size, the hand should pass freely, but the fabric should be tight around the arm.

Move your fingers, make sure that the skin does not wrinkle and is not going. To distinguish natural skin from artificial, you just need to hold the glove in your hand for a few minutes; if the skin is genuine, it will quickly warm from the warmth of your hand, and the substitute will remain cold.

Most often, gloves are sewn from at least 16 pieces, and sometimes even more.

However, it is better not to buy gloves, which consist of several dozen small pieces of leather, most likely this model will not serve you for a long time.

When buying, you also need to pay attention to the seams, they must be neat and well stitched. Usually winter and autumn models of gloves are lined, so the hand will be in greater comfort and warmth. So, it is better that the lining is made of a bike, wool or knitwear, a natural lining with a few splashes of synthetics is the best option, because such a lining can absorb moisture and will not let in air.

How to store gloves?

Knitwear or wool gloves have nothing to fear from lying in the closet for a long time, taking them out even after a year, nothing will happen to them. But leather products, for example, require special care, which they need to ensure that their favorite gloves do not lose their shape and softness.

Quality gloves can change the whole image

When storing leather gloves for a long time, it is necessary to ensure that one glove does not rest on the other, since this can damage the surface of the skin, for example, you can separate them with paper. It is best to keep them not in plastic bags, but, for example, linen bags. Most of all, skin is afraid of direct sunlight, moisture and high temperature, so be careful to protect your pets from such factors.

What gloves to buy?

As for the fashionable novelties, in the upcoming season, gloves are characterized by their diversity and relevance. In punk-style fashion, gloves can have cropped fingers and be decorated with spikes. Lovers of the classics should pay attention to short gloves, which are made of colored leather, at the peak of popularity - matte and pile textures.

The color range of gloves in this season is quite bright: shades of blue, red and yellow colors are popular, as well as constant classics - black, gray and white models.

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