How to choose the right bike for a child

Surely, many of us remember how wonderful it was in childhood to roll down the heels, to feel faster than the wind, cutting through the airflow of air on a bicycle. Remember how much happiness brought this feeling, as the boys and girls rode in the yard in turns, and the child who had a bicycle always remained in the center of attention of children. And this is not the only advantages of a bicycle.

If a child, at whatever age he is, begins to ride a bicycle, then this leads to training and strengthening the muscles of the legs and the abs, as well as the cardiovascular system as a whole, which, in turn, contributes to an increase in endurance.

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It will take quite a bit of time, and you will notice that your child has become more active, wakes up vigorous and active, and if the baby is very small, then the bike can become an excellent assistant in the development of coordination and the vestibular apparatus.

After all, just think, he will have to simultaneously pedal, control the steering wheel,concentrating their attention on a specific goal, and this is a considerable amount of work, by the way! And thanks to the increased blood supply, the metabolism improves, making the child feel much better and more energetic.

Well, as a result of all these advantages - improving the ability of the body of the baby to resist all ailments, which contributes to the development of the immune system. Children, who often ride bicycles, are twice as ill with various colds and the flu.

So all the disadvantages that are drawn in the imagination of the parent before buying such a thing, it is better to fold, then rather go for such a "simulator" of health and happiness. And in order for the kid to get only positive sides from riding a bike, you need to know how to choose a bike for the child correctly.

How to make a choice?

First of all, it is best to observe one golden rule: the younger the child, the simpler and simpler the bicycle model should be. What is the point of buying a small child an expensive and “eternal” bicycle, if he literally doesn’t sit on it in a year, as he simply grows out of it.

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And it is very important that the parameters of the bike fit the parameters of your child: his height, length of legs and arms, weight. Usually for each age there are different sizes of bicycles, for example, with a child growing up to 100 cm, the size of the wheels should not exceed 12 inches, with growth up to 130 cm – up to 20 inches, but when growth exceeds this mark, you can safely get an adult bike, you can't go wrong.

What model of bike is suitable for a child of 2-3 years?

The most difficult choice faces parents when they are going to buy such a miracle for the first time, the baby seems still so small and defenseless, however, just at this time they are already studying the world with might and main and are actively developing physically.

First of all, do not forget that a bicycle is in any case a toy for a child, so the baby will like it only when he sees this toy in it. For example, it is interesting for children to transport something, make sure that the transport has a trunk where the child can load any toy and transport it from its place.

In order to protect your child from fractures, severe falls and bruises, it is not enough to get him a helmet and other equipment, and at such a small age not every child will survive for a long time in a stuffy helmet.

It is necessary to teach him to fall, and from early childhood. How to do it? Just do not stop the baby from falling when he begins to take the first steps, give him a little freedom, do not be afraid, young children can boast an excellent mechanism that protects them from injuries: they just sit on the ass, if something goes wrong.

In addition, keep in mind that if you accelerate a tricycle and four-wheeled bicycle, and then sharply turn the steering wheel to turn at a turn, the bicycle can easily fall on its side. It is necessary to take into account this feature and explain to the child how to behave in such a situation.

When buying a bicycle, it is necessary to seat the baby on it, to make sure that the legs in a sitting position reach the ground completely, the whole foot, the same applies to the pedals, even when it is in the lower state.

Be sure to consider the fact that the bike will have to be rolled into a crumbs, so it should be quite light, it should pedal without any difficulty, turn the steering wheel. A bicycle with a plastic frame will significantly decrease in weight, but, of course, the metal frame will last longer.

When buying a bike for an older child, you must also make sure that he is comfortable on it: when the pedal is at the lowest point, then the foot should be fully extended, and at the highest point should not touch the steering wheel with the knee. Handlebar should not be at the level of the rider's abdomen, as in an emergency or a fall, it can cause serious grass.

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What should a children's bicycle consist of?

  • Seat. It should not be slippery, so that the child does not slide off him during the ride, younger-sized children may come up with a small backrest, it will not allow the child to fall backwards. Usually such seats with backs are also equipped with seat belts that fix the child.
  • Safety bezel. It is also necessary for younger children, it provides the child with additional protection, it is better that the bezel has soft lining that can protect the child during collisions. Most often, the bezel is removable, it can be screwed or unscrewed from the bike with bolts.
  • Foot supports. Most often they are needed so that the child can put feet on them when the parents roll the bike.They have the form of pallets for the legs, which are fixed on a special level.
  • Handle for parents. A metal handle that is screwed to the back of the bike so that parents can roll their child, controlling all the movement and direction of children's transport.
  • Awning that will perfectly hide from the hot sun, and also be able to protect from a small rain.
  • Trunk for toys, but as without it.

How much does a good children's bike cost?

The price will vary from different frills and bells and whistles, there are children's models that are equipped with a music panel, various buttons and levers, they will cost more. Unjustified delusion - the more expensive the better.

Than rush to the most expensive model, consult what is included in it, what parameters and whether such functions of the bike are necessary for your baby. Also, the price will depend on the manufacturer, most of the models in our market are in manufacturers - China or Taiwan. And let it do not bother you, the main thing is not the country of manufacture, but the manufacturer of the parts, from which it is necessary to draw conclusions.

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